Revision and Obsolescence Control

Info06 May 2015
Impulse fully understands the need for the long-term supply and support of our industrial and embedded computing product range offering our customers the peace of mind that their end product or solution is not subject to short-term costly changes.

One of the cornerstones of the services Impulse offer our customers is the strict roadmap, revision and obsolescence control procedures we adhere to.
  • Product revision control has been a cornerstone of our business during the last 20 years
  • Carefully chosen partners who offer the best in revision and obsolescence control
  • Trained engineering and sales teams who fully understand IPC market demands
  • Long-term product roadmaps available on all our product range
  • In-house EOL and PCN system to effectively monitor and control product changes
  • Fast and effective development cycle to ensure on-going supply for your project

Long-term product roadmaps

After 20 years in the industrial and embedded computing market, Impulse is fully aware of the need to offer our customers solution which will give them long-term product availability with the minimum amount of revision change.

All of our manufacturing partners are constantly monitored to ensure our product mix reflects the basic requirement for long-life, continuous product supply and support.  Furthermore, constant analysis of all of our manufacturing partners as well as Intel, AMD and other chipset manufacturers’ roadmaps ensure long-term availability across our complete product range.

iMesh - In-house EOL and PCN system

Impulse are committed to supplying industrial computing hardware that comply with our strict revision control strategy system which forms part of our internal QA system, iMesh. We work closely with our partners to ensure revision control is at the heart of the supply chain and the same components are utilised across entire product lines. We work closely with our partners to ensure our customers are notified of the following in a timely and effective manner :

  • Product changes via Product Change Notifications (PCN)
  • Product obsolescence via End-of-Life Notification (EOL)

When a change to critical components becomes a necessity and we receive a Product Change Notification (PCN), our manufacturing partners perform a set of extensive tests to ensure a smooth transition to any new product version. In addition our technical support team will contact all affected customers and advise them of the changes as well as possible issues which may arise within their application. Our in-house Microsoft Certified Engineers will also re-test any new versions of products arriving at our on-site system integration facility.  Needless to say, any FAE support needed to combat any problems from the PCN will always be given by our technical support team.

On average Impulse provide End-of-Life (EOL) notifications to our end customers six months in advance, this ensures our customers are provided with sufficient notice to place a last time buy of the product in order to give them sufficient time to develop a new platform with Impulse for their next generation of product.  By giving plenty of notice of the last time buy deadline on the EOL our technical sales team can make sure the re-development of the product takes place in a timely manner and using the right technology to minimise downtime whilst maintaining a competitive edge for the customer.  Design and development support we offer may include testing and prototyping of the new hardware, complete redesign of the end system or new software patches and images to support the new hardware platform.
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MediaInfoRevision and Obsolescence Control
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