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Info06 May 2015
Having a weak link in the supply chain will determine the overall capability you can offer to your customers.  It is therefore essential you identify suppliers and partners who can enhance your own capabilities and ensure no weak links are present in your own supply chain.
Impulse has over 20 years’ experience in project and supply chain management, working closely and effectively with our customers to improve their own competencies and ensuring product is supplied on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

Flexibility and reliability are essential in the embedded computing market where timescales and requirements can often change through the product’s development and supply cycle. Our customers can depend on Impulse to support them every step of the way through the required development and product lifecycle.

  • Over 20 years’ experience in supply chain management services to our customers
  • Worldwide network of carefully chosen manufacturing partners and suppliers
  • Long-term knowledge in importing/exporting techniques and demands
  • In-house warehousing, production and logistic processes under our QA systems
  • Flexible call-off and schedule ordering facility to help achieve your project timescales
  • Full barcode system to accurately track movement of products, systems & components

Audited supplier partner network

Impulse continually audit our key suppliers and partners to guarantee they can fully support our supply chain management processes.  We annually visit supplier’s factory and offices to audit their technical, operational and financial capability and we work closely with the management teams to ensure we can continue to offer high quality services to our customer base.

Extensive warehousing, production and logistics systems

We have invested heavily in our warehousing and logistics systems over the past few years to ensure we stay ahead of the critical demands of supply chain management in the industrial and embedded computing industry.  We currently have an 8000 sq. ft. warehouse facility which maintains both free and call-off stock for our customers.

Our in-house designed system known as iMesh, controls our logistical and production processes and monitors every component from initial order to our supplier, to when they enter our warehouse and production facility and finally when they are shipped to our customer. Our systems constantly monitor lead-times and quality to ensure delivery of the final product is shipped on time and to the right specification to our customers.

Our technical support team are also encouraged to offer a flexible approach to supporting our customers with their technical issues often assisting with the interfacing of our devices and systems within the main scope of their project.

Scheduled ordering and call-off facility

Our call-off facility is a flexible, free-of-charge service, which allows our customers to designate a calendar of deployment for their products and systems, thus relieving pressure of lead-time delays and assisting with just in time (JIT) systems that our customers may employ.

Lower costs and improving cash flow
A key benefit of the call-off facility is that it helps to lower costs for the customer by taking advantage of quantity pricing offered by our manufacturing partners. Without the need to commit to paying for the full quantity of the product in one go, our customers can also reduce their cash flow demands on a project.

Warranty protection
Impulse takes over the guarantee of the warranty of the product, which only starts when the customer receives the product giving peace of mind they are fully protected.

Ready for deployment
When our system integration service is being utilised by our customers, our engineering team ensure that any deployment of the system or product is completed, tested and ready for shipment ahead of each calendar milestone. This guarantees the fully tested product reaches our customers right on time.

Flexible and fast delivery times
The flexibility in having call-off stock in our warehouse, ready to be shipped next day, or even the same day, gives Impulse yet another effective way of supporting our customers and their industrial applications.

Asset barcode tracking

Impulse scan and track every component, product and system that we distribute, build and integrate as it moves through our production and logistic processes.  This ensures stable warranty periods as well as assisting Impulse and our customers in identifying where component failures or issues occurred and in which end device.  This traceability is essential in the embedded computing industry where failure rates, cost centre and warranty analysis is often required.

iMesh - Efficient RMA system

As well as looking after our production processes, iMesh, our in-house designed intranet system, also looks after our RMA (Returns Material Authorisation) service ensuring quick and efficient returns.  Operated under our ISO9001 Quality Management System, Impulse understands the need to operate an effective RMA service for our customers and having built the system ourselves to cope with the varied demands of the industrial and embedded computing market we are confident we offer the best levels of support across all customer product and system returns.  For more details on our RMA policy please click here.
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