Advantech rail intelligent rolling stock system

News06 Jul 2015
The ITA-5000 and EKI-6000 Series are Advantech's product offerings that specifically cater for rolling stock applications including passenger information systems, broadcast systems and surveillance systems. All products meet the requirements of EN 50155 and have M12 connectors as standard to enhance shock and vibration resistance during operation.

These products have a wide range of power input options (DC 24/48/72/110V) making them ideal for the UK rail market being compatible with both old and new trains. The ITA-5000 and EKI-6000 Series provide a fantastic solution in rolling stock systems.

  • Fully compliant with EN 50155 / EN 45545
  • Temperature standard: EN 50155 TX (-40ºC to +70ºC)
  • Compliant with EN 50121-3-2 EMC test standard
  • Ruggedised M12 connectors
  • Wide range of DC 24V / 48V / 72V / 110V inputs
  • Supports easy-swap HDD / SDD / CF module

Rolling stock Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger information systems (PIS) provide weather forecasts, rail speed, arrival times and other relevant information to passengers. An ideal platform for a passenger information system has the following attributes: it is stable, resilient to environmental extremes, EN 50155-certified and easily maintained.

Advantech’s ITA-5000 Series meets all of these requirements. In addition, the ITA-5000 series supports large storage capacity and flexible expansion options. This allows it to interconnect to all types of media devices and serve as a hub for media broadcasting as well as entertainment content for rail passengers.

A high performance and stable system cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to designing a robust passenger information system. The ITA-5000 series is a fantastic PIS integrator for use in rolling stock applications.

ITA-5000 in-train surveillance system

The ITA-5000 series provides a surveillance system solution for use in railway applications. It helps maintains passenger security under supervision. During normal operation, the situation of each train carriage is recorded by IP cameras and transmitted over a network switch to a control unit which displays real-time and high definition images so that management can supervise the condition of each train car.

The ITA-5000 series is EN 50155-certified and equipped with Gigabit Ethernet through M12 connectors. This allows for high definition images from the IP cameras to be streamed and recorded effortlessly to the storage media within the ITA-5000 series. In addition, the ITA-5000 series can operate in a wide range of temperatures, ensuring passenger security by providing a functional, stable surveillance system. The ITA-5000 series is an integrated, railway-designed system that meets the demanding needs of rolling stock applications.

TPC-8100TR EN 50155 railway Panel PC

Designed for use in the extreme conditions of the world’s railways, the TPC-8100TR 10,4" TFT panel computer, helps locomotive engineers stay informed of the status of their trains and features optical bonding, all-around IP65 protection, conformal coating of the internal PCB, and an extended temperature range.

The TPC-8100TR provides higher reliability for highly-changeable, atmospheric conditions of railways, such as altitude, pressure, and temperatures. This TPC-8100R has two Ethernet ports, serial interfaces, USB ports and built-in CFast. The railway power module design supports a 10ms interruption (EN50155, S2), EMI EN55022 CLASS A filter, and over/short current protection for railway applications. The method of mounting is also designed especially for locomotive installations and also complies with EMC, shock and vibration test requirements of European standard EN50155 and EN45545 for railway applications.

EKI-6000 EN 50155 ethernet switches for rolling stock & rail applications

Advantech’s EN50155 certified M12 Switches fulfil a wide range of applications in moving trains as it guarantees reliable performance under vibration and shock. For passenger information systems (PIS) this allows modules to connect with LCD and LED display boards which offer travel information, news and advertisements.

For in-seat video entertainment systems (VES) this offers video monitors mounted on the back of every seat.

For IP surveillance this guarantees these devices can reliably connect with cameras for a variety of applications that provide increased safety and security. Video surveillance system on a moving train requires unique considerations including power outlet locations, fluctuating voltages, underground tunnels, and synchronised data transmission and storage. To fit these requirements the equipment is compliant with EN50155 standards.
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