iDoor Technology adds flexible I/O to embedded devices

News01 Jan 2016
Advantech iDoor technology adds flexible functionality to a wide range of compatible embedded devices. With over 40 interchangeable I/O and Fieldbus options now available, customers can quickly extend the functionality of their device to meet application demands.
Impulse are pleased to offer the latest iDoor Technology from Advantech, one of the world's leading industrial computing manufacturers and a long term partner of Impulse in the UK.

The concept behind iDoor Technology is to eliminate the historic issues of employing additional I/O capabilities to industrial computing devices such as embedded and panel PC's as and when the user requires it.  Such issues involved the restriction put on the physical customisation required to the chassis to break out the I/O ports.  This has been resolved by standardising a cut out "door" design on all iDoor compatible devices, which mechanically matches the I/O plate on all iDoor modules.

Various Advantech computing devices are now available with iDoor compatibility along with a comprehensive range of standardised iDoor modules and interfaces that have been created to support a diverse range of applications, protocols and I/O demands. In many cases these modules offer a cost saving, as customers are able to use iDoor modules to replace costly additional peripherals by simply adding modules to their embedded computing platform, thus lowering the total cost of ownership, reducing the development time to get their solution to market and minimising the physical footprint.

Each iDoor module utilises a standard mini PCI-Express connection from the system mainboard and features a distinctive coloured "door" plate that allows them to be clearly identified.  They are designed to a standard size of 81mm x 19.4mm ensuring easily interchangeability between different computing devices.

iDoor modules include options for memory expansion, comms, peripherals and data acquisition I/O. The range also include smart sensors for data acquisition and communication modules including options for GPS, 3G, LTE, Wi-FI, GPS, GPRS, ZigBee, RFID, Bluetooth and LTE.

Another key addition to the iDoor range is a selection of Industrial Fieldbus modules, designed by leading Fieldbus experts, Hilscher, and include options such as:
The creation of Fieldbus iDoor modules allows these specialist industrial network protocols to be utilised in embedded, automation and panel PCs, significantly expanding the capabilities of these devices and broadening the range of industrial applications these devices can be deployed in.

We have created a simple iDoor compatibility matrix to help customers evaluate which iDoor modules are supported for each embedded computing model in our Advantech range. In addition, having already utilised iDoor modules in a number of customer projects, our technical team are also available to provide further technical and sales support on the complete iDoor range.

Learn more about iDoor technology

iDoor compatible automation PCs

Impulse offer a range of UNO embedded automation computers from Advantech that offer compatibility with the latest iDoor technology and have a proven track record in demanding automation environments.

iDoor compatible automation PCs are split into  four types:

iDoor compatible embedded box PCs

We also provide Advantech's latest generation of fanless embedded computers, a number of these fanless models are being launched with iDoor compatibility to further address to the needs of creating a more intelligent and interconnected embedded computing solution, whilst offering greater flexibility for intelligent embedded system applications.

The first embedded PCs available with iDoor compatibility are detailed below.

Embedded Fanless Box PCs with iDoor Compatibility:
  • MIC-7500 - Intel 6th Gen. Core i7/i5/i3 Compact Embedded PC with i-Module and iDoor expansion
  • ARK-2121L - Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz embedded PC with 9V to 36V DC power input, extended operating temperature range
  • ARK-6322 - Intel Celeron Quad Core J1900 2.0GHz SoC compact embedded PC with 6x COM, 8x USB ports

Key features:
  • Fanless Intel 6th Gen. Core 'Skylake' / Celeron J1900 processors
  • Wide operating temperature
  • 9V to 36V wide range power input
  • Rugged design with vibration and shock protection
  • Preloaded with SUSIAccess software services. SUSIAccess is an innovative remote device management software package allowing efficient remote monitoring, quick recovery and backup and real-time remote configuration

iDoor compatible panel PCs

Finally, we also offer Advantech's panel PCs with iDoor compatibility called the TPC series. There are a variety of panel PCs models available including:

  • Panels PCs with flexible expansion
  • Thin client panel PCs with compact design
  • Wide screen panel PCs with built in intelligent keys for intuitive user interfacing

The TPC series includes a comprehensive range of display sizes from 5.7" through to 18.5", this is complimented further by a wide CPU selection including Intel Atom and Core i3 and i7 options.
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