New generation 19" CobraRacks - Custom made rack-mount solutions

Following several months of development, Impulse are pleased to announce the latest additions to our CobraRack range, a series of cost-effective and flexible industrial rack-mount computers.
Our initial range of CobraRacks were first conceived and designed back in 2012, and due to their cost effectiveness and stable, reliable operation they quickly became the go-to solution for our customers looking for durable 19" rack-mount solutions.

After many years of designing and developing our rackmount computing solutions, and continually obtaining and responding to important feedback from our customers, Impulse have developed the next generation of CobraRack systems, which see an evolution in terms of both technology and flexibility.
Flexible, yet cost-effective solutions

The CobraRack range offers considerable flexibility, allowing you to fully customise everything from hardware and software, through to branding and aesthetics. Our experienced technical sales team will help you choose from motherboard or PICMG SBC backplane based platforms, select your storage, memory, operating system and expansion options, and cater for any updates to chassis colours and OEM design alterations you may require.

Impulse has long-standing partnerships with key global manufacturing partners which, coupled with our qualified, experienced and dedicated in-house technical team, helps us deliver truly cost-effective solutions to our customers.
Dependable and thorough design process

Due to over 20 years’ experience, our technical team has a complete understanding of the requirements of rack-mount computer systems deployed in harsh and demanding environments.

The latest revision of the CobraRack range offers flexibility like never before, yet each CobraRack is still designed, developed and deployed by Impulse to the same consistently high level of build quality. To achieve this, once the customisation options have been finalised, the Impulse APT Design Protocol is then implemented which ensures each CobraRack has the optimum Acoustic, Power and Thermal considerations during the build process.

All CobraRack systems are designed and manufactured in our purpose-built system integration facility in the UK. With Impulse controlling every aspect of the build process, we ensure every CobraRack system that leaves our facility is built to an exact specification each and every time.
Complete peace of mind

To support this build process, Impulse continually adopt long-term product roadmaps, and have an in-house End of Life (EOL) and Product Change Notification (PCN) system to effectively monitor and control product changes.

Finally, Impulse provide lifetime technical support and a three year back-to-base warranty as standard on all CobraRacks, giving complete peace of mind when deploying our systems in your application.

More information

For more information, we provide an insight into the flexibility and customisation options of our range in our latest CobraRack video.

If you would like to chat to us about our CobraRack range, please feel free to get in touch with our technical sales team, who can answer any questions you may have and take you through the design and development processes and any customisation options you require. We also have a selection of CobraRack systems here on our website, which can be viewed here.
Click here to view our range of CobraRack systems
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