Nuvo-2500 Bay Trail J1900 fanless embedded PC with expansion cassette

News10 Jul 2015Nuvo-2500
The Nuvo-2500 series is a general purpose fanless computer with Intel Bay Trail processor. Powered by the quad-core Bay Trail processor, the Nuvo-2500 shows outstanding computing power and is even more power efficient compared to its predecessors. The Nuvo-2500 supports dual Independent displays, dual storage for isolating systems and data, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, four COM ports and four USB ports.

Provided with one PCI or PCIe expansion slot, the Nuvo-2500 still features a compact design with dimensions of only 205mm (w) x 146mm (d) x 76mm (h). The expansion slot is located in the Neousys patented expansion cassette. This patented design reduces the potential thermal impact from the installed add-on card, and thus make the Nuvo-2500 compact, expandable yet stable.

Wireless communication, such as 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi and BT, supported by an internal Mini PCIe socket with USIM gives the Nuvo-2500 excellent network connectivity. Moreover, the Nuvo-2500's optional equipment includes Auxiliary I/O with four isolated digital inputs, eight isolated digital outputs, six PWM outputs, one quadrature encoder input and two ADC ports. The Auxiliary I/O facilitates simple sequence control and speed control to various types of applications. The Nuvo-2500 is perfect for controlling your versatile equipment as well as connecting them to the Cloud.
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Compact but expandable

The Nuvo-2500 provides one PCI or PCIe expansion slot in the Neousys patented expansion cassette. This patented design makes the installation of an add-on card very easy. The Neousys patented expansion cassette also features a smart design of three level thermal management.

The first level is to reduce the potential thermal impact from the add-on card to the whole system by isolating the add-on card in the cassette. A tailor made heat spreader can conduct the main heat source on the add-on card to the chassis. For certain high power add-on cards or critical environments, an optional smart fan is the last level to actively remove the heat from inside the chassis. With the Neousys patented expansion cassette, the dimensions of the Nuvo-2500 are still only 205mm (w) x 146mm (d) x 76mm (h).

The Nuvo-2500 is the most compact Bay Trail fanless computer with one PCI or PCIe expansion slot and keeps a good balance of size and expandability.

Industrial automation

Isolated digital inputs and outputs are required in almost every industrial application. For such applications, an add-on card is usually installed and occupies an expansion slot. The option of Auxiliary I/O provides not only isolated digital inputs and outputs but also other automation features, such as pulse-width-modulation output, quadrature encoder input and analog-digital converter, ADC.

With Auxiliary I/O, the Nuvo-2500 is capable of controlling servo motors, stepping motors and DC motors. The Auxiliary I/O is designed on board and the expansion slot is available for a proprietary communication card or a standard fieldbus card. With a Mini PCIe socket with USIM, the Nuvo-2500 communicates via wireless technology to the Cloud and other devices and forms the foundation of IoT applications and intelligent manufacturing.

Key features

  • Intel Celeron Bay Trail J1900 quad core processor at 2.42GHz
  • One SODIMM socket with up to 8GB DDR3L 1333MHz memory support
  • Dual storage with one mSATA port and one SATA port
  • Dual independent display via VGA and DVI connectors
  • One PCI/PCIe expansion with compact size
  • Optional auxiliary I/O for PWM and Encoder signals
  • Two RS-232/422/485 and two RS-232 serial ports
  • 8V to 35V DC wide-range power input
  • Operating temperature from -25°C to +70°C
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