WISE-4000 IoT embedded sensing devices from Advantech

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Advantech's WISE-4000 IoT modules represent a vast evolution in transmitting I/O information between sensors and users. The WISE IoT I/O modules allow connectivity to both IT applications via RESTful API in JSON format and control applications via the Modbus/TCP protocol.
Advantech's new generation of WISE-4000 remote I/O and sensing devices bring an IT oriented focus to the market, with the advanced concepts of data A-P-P, data acquisition, data processing to data publishing, fulfilling mobile monitoring and controlling needs under an IoT framework. Broad adoptability has made WISE a reliable source of big data which benefits users in identifying their next steps and which action to take.

With intelligent processing and publishing features, the time it takes to generate insightful reports can be shortened. Thus users can quickly notice and identify possible issues and system downtime can be minimised or even avoided.

WISE-4000 wireless modules

According to an IoT trend report, there will be 25 billion devices connected by the end of 2015, and 50 billion by 2020. Devices can be connected with various interfaces, however the most popular interface is likely to be wireless because of it reduced number of cables and speed of installation. As mobile devices are widely used to access cloud services via Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, etc., wireless solutions have become one of the most common ways to provide service in the IoT era. Advantech's WISE (Wireless IoT Sensing Embedded) series are designed as sensing devices which use a wireless interface under the IoT framework.

The new Advantech WISE-4000 is a wireless Ethernet I/O module which can be used without needing to go through a gateway to provide the information. This means that deployment is much easier because a limitless number of I/O modules can be used to gather the information from any third party sensors and connect to an existing network.

The WISE-4000’s data logger can send time stamped information to a Dropbox account or a private cloud depending on the configuration and it can also buffer the devices’ data, so that in the event of network failure, no data is lost before it is sent to the administrator.

Other features of the WISE-4000 include: three levels of security (WPA2, SSL and three levels of user login); interchangeable antenna for greater flexibility and external DIP switches so the default factory settings can be reapplied quickly and easily.

There are 3 versions available in the series. The WISE-4050, WISE-4060 and WISE-4012E.

WISE-4000 LAN modules

The WISE-4000/LAN series is a newly designed IoT Ethernet I/O module which supports the new RESTful web API for IoT applications. A HTML5 web configure interface enables users to configure WISE modules without the limitation of a platform or operation system.

The built in data logger function logs data with time information, that can be retrieved in batches. Wide operating temperatures enable the WISE series to be implemented in more IoT data acquisition applications.

As well as the new functions, the new mechanical design can let users install the module and perform diagnostics in an easier manner than before.

There are 3 versions available in the series. The WISE-4010/LAN, WISE-4050/LAN and WISE-4060/LAN.

Features of the WISE-4000 range

Advantech WISE modules are designed for flexibility in mind, and offer innovative features to accommodate most industrial computing applications.

Changeable antennaFor flexibility the wireless antenna of the WISE module is not fixed. Users can replace the antenna by unscrewing it counter-clockwise.
LED diagnostic indicatorAlong with the standard status and communication indicators, WISE modules have an LED indicator on the front of the module that allows users to instatly see the network mode. The LED will be on when working in AP mode. However, during infrastructure mode, the LED will be off and the signal strength LED will be on to indicate the signal quality between the WISE module and wireless access point.
Flexible mounting kitWISE modules come with a new type of mounting kit allowing users to mount the device in DIN-rail, wall and panel mounting options. This flexible mounting kit provides fast mounting for DIN-rail users, as they just need to switch the hook for the mounting kit to lock or release the module on the DIN-rail.
WISE-4000 IoT embedded sensing devices from Advantech
Importantly, WISE modules also support stack mounting as used on other I/O modules.
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