Create Embedded Vision Systems with Aaeon's vision solutions

Experienced manufacturers know that product or packaging flaws give their brand a bad image. Improving quality control procedures has typically been both expensive and time consuming, but Aaeon Technology has developed a system that allows manufacturers to reduce operational costs and material waste, minimize the risk of recalls, and protect their brand image.

To ensure product quality when manufacturing, vendors usually set up three separate quality inspection procedures: Purchased Materials Inspection, Semi-complete Product Inspection, and Finished Product Inspection. These inspections cover factors such as barcode, parts, size and on-product wording.

Customer's requirements:

  • Simultaneous support for multiple cameras to enable different types of high-speed inspection
  • Support for 3-5M Pixel, 30 FPS Camera
  • Be equipped with kinds of interface to be able to connect to PLC, motors, light controllers, and displays
  • Be dust-proof, vibration resistant, and fanless, and it should be capable of working 24/7 in high-temperature, high-humidity conditions, since it will be installed in harsh industrial environments
  • Powerful computing capability
  • Easily programmable machine vision software to meet different customer needs

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