Maximise reliability and uptime of your network with Impulse redundancy solutions

Connection failures in today’s highly integrated Ethernet networks are often costly or even disastrous. Redundancy is a feature integral to the success of an industrial network installation, and redundancy designs are very often either under-built, or over-built by adding unnecessary complexity with excessive backup paths, potentially compromising other operational data in the event of a failure and making troubleshooting substantially more difficult.
Impulse can help you design an industrial network solution which maximises the reliability and uptime of your network and provides comprehensive redundancy in the event of a failure. By utilising Moxa's TurboRing and TurboChain technologies, your network would achieve less than 20ms recovery if a link fails, and for additional cover PRP/HSR [link to Substation Automation and IEC61850-3] enabled devices provide Zero Switch-Over Time Network redundancy. Finally Impulse implement fibre optic bypass units to achive multi-point redundancy, by bypassing inactive switches completely.

Impulse network redundancy solutions can:

  • Maximise reliability and uptime
  • Reduce risk of critical data loss
  • Help alleviate system failures by providing an alternative communication path
  • Eliminate a single point of failure

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