Reduce configuration issues and time with self-configuring wireless networks

Wireless networks require a high level of specialised IT knowledge to install and configure. For larger networks configuration can be a difficult, complex and laborious task, and where specific software implementation can help, the risk of human input error and excessive configuration times can be prohibitive and costly.
To solve this problem Impulse Embedded can help design a network solution that utilises Moxa's AeroMag technology, a suite of capable AP and client devices which create a self-configuring wireless network. AeroMag technology can configure all your devices with a single step, find the best Wi-Fi channels to use for your environment with just a click, and eliminate the need for additional configuration when adding new Wi-Fi devices to your network.

Benefits of Moxa's AeroMag technology:
  • Simplify WLAN RF assignment
  • Simplify WLAN product setup
  • Reduce manual input error
  • Speed up deployment
  • Optimize wireless channel setting
  • Zero configuration to add new Wi-Fi devices into existing networks

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