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Configured industrial GPU solutions
Developing the perfect industrial GPU computing solution for AI applications can be difficult, costly and time consuming. With our Build To Order Service (BTOS) we offer complete support when you need it most, creating reliable, repeatable and robust systems to help reduce your costs and development time. With 70% of our staff dedicated to engineering project support, you can rely on us to support your GPU computing project by configuring our range of off-the-shelf platforms from our leading manufacturing partners.
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Custom-built GPU accelerated computers
No industrial GPU computing application is the same, and sometimes require a completely customised solution. Impulse can build a bespoke GPU computing solution to your exact requirements, suitable for any market or environment. Our multi GPU rack-mount servers and embedded computing platforms for the Edge are capable of extensive GPU accelerated deep learning and AI inference, and are all provided with an extended warranty and lifetime support.
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Vision Processing Units (VPU)
The Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU is the third generation and most advanced VPU from Intel. It features a dedicated hardware accelerator for deep neural network inferences, with Native FP16 and fixed point 8-bit support, allowing you to rapidly port and deploy neural networks in Caffe and Tensorflow formats without compromising the low power requirements. These expansion cards come in MiniPCI Express, M.2 and PCI Express format to slot straight into legacy or new systems, instantly improving the vision capabilities of an existing Edge computer or server.
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Accelerating AI @Edge with the NVIDIA Jetson
The NVIDIA Jetson TX2 is now becoming the de facto choice for GPU and AI demands at the Edge, due to its combination of the 256 CUDA core Pascal GPU, a dual-core Denver 2 64-bit, and quad-core ARM A57 CPU. It also supports up to 8GB of DDR4 memory offering nearly 60GB/s of bandwidth, essential for fast data processing and transfer.  The Jetson TX2 is a great option for Edge AI in smart city, transportation, and manufacturing applications, and Impulse have a comprehensive range of embedded computing platforms available.
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Industrial GPU Computing & Edge AI Products
Data efficiency at the Edge
Delays in making mission-critical decisions can be costly. With AI inference and GPU computing at the Edge, you can reduce the delay between input and output saving time and money.
Redundancy protects your data
Industrial AI placed at the Edge will ensure that decision making and processing continues should connections to systems in the cloud be disrupted by planned or unplanned downtime.

Reduce costs by processing at the Edge
Minimise costly overheads associated with cloud based services by processing the data at the Edge using GPU computing. Impulse can provide systems to aggregate the data at the source reducing the amount of bandwidth usage and memory allocation in the cloud.
Keep your data secure
By keeping sensitive data in the local eco-system you can limit the security risks of the public cloud. AI-enabled systems can also detect and deter security intrusions faster and more proactively than humans.
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