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MediaNewsU.S. Army now training in Virtual Reality environm...

U.S. Army now training in Virtual Reality environments

Effective real-world training of military staff and soldiers can often be considered difficult to achieve in safe environment. Where classroom time is imperative, teaching theory and tactical skill from long-established methods and examples, real-world training has, until now, been an aspect of warfare tricky to accomplish in a realistic and genuinely effective way.
To combat this problem, the U.S. military has jumped on the back of the latest VR technology, constructing a huge virtual reality environment capable of rendering millions of AI agents.

Called the Synthetic Training Environment (STE), the new development is geared to allow soldiers to practice combat scenarios in conditions as close to real-life as possible, as many times as they need to before going anywhere near combat. The cloud-based STE will allow soldiers to travel to any country in any conditions, and allow them to carry out missions with their squadron.

Pete Morrison, chief commercial officer for the military simulation software developer Bohemia Interactive Simulations, told Digital Trends, “As part of our work for the Army under contract for STE, we’re developing a cloud-enabled, massively multiplayer training and simulation environment that uses a common terrain for the entire planet. This would enable the Army to conduct virtual training and complex simulations anywhere on a virtual representation of the Earth. STE will leverage cloud technologies to deliver training to anywhere it’s needed, ensuring a common and high-fidelity whole-Earth terrain representation for a multitude of different simulation systems.”
The STE is intended to support traditional training methods, not replace them, and what it will provide is a portable, realistic, zero-risk environment for soldiers to hone their skills, become equated with countries and terrain before they set foot there, and simulate a myriad of different scenarios to test their abilities. The beauty of this system is that it can be deployed in training centres, and even during deployment to fine tune and focus mission objectives before action.

See the system in action in the video below!
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