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Impulse provides the integrated kits of hardware, O/S and peripherals required to help Machine Builders take their next product to market.

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LCD to Board
The UK and Ireland have some fantastically talented engineers designing machines for all sorts of applications, from ticketing machines to label inspection, metal detection and medical devices. Some of our biggest customers are machine builders and over the years we have provided thousands of integrated kits of hardware, computers, operating systems, peripherals and even our customers application software pre-loaded ready to simply screw into the wider machine subsystem.
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Computers for machine builders
Our customers typically use fanless box computers or automation computers which we build, image and test for them prior to being integrated into their machine. We have a huge range of industrial computers with every type of processing platform and expansion conceivable, and in many instances we also pre-load our customers application software saving valuable time during the machine build process.
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Human Machine Interface
The place where humans and machines combine is critical for both machine builders and end users. Whilst Industry 4.0 pushes processes to become more automated there is still a real need for the operator to view and control critical variables on the factory floor. Impulse offer a wide range of HMI's from traditional 4:3 aspect and small form factor units through to more modern 16:9 widescreen capacitive/resistive touch variants offering consumer style pinch and swipe control of the GUI.
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LCD and board pairing
For a more OEM look and feel for your HMI you may wish to integrate core components such as an LCD panel and embedded single board computer using a custom cable harness. This approach keeps you in complete control of your aesthetic design whilst keeping costs low compared to an off the shelf HMI. Impulse can provide a 'one part code' kit of parts and pre-loading any O/S, application software and settings onto the system for an out of the box deployable solution.
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Remote Access
The cost of maintaining and diagnosing issues in machines installed at different sites over a wide geographical area can spiral out of control. For machine builders who offer service contracts to their customers a secure and reliable way of remote monitoring and diagnosis can greatly reduce these costs. With our range of SIM, hardware and software solutions for secure remote access setting up a stable VPN to your asset base couldn't be easier. Want a demo at your site? Please get in touch.
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Bespoke Design
If building machines is your speciality but you'd prefer that the HMI element is outsourced then we might just have a solution for you. We have thousands of bespoke designed HMIs attached to machines operating globally. Typically these integrate some of our customers own proprietary electronics and are always designed to our customers own specification. So if you manufacture weighers, sorters, robot controllers or any machine with a HMI, you might be interested in our BTOS service.
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Handpicked products for Machine Builders
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Our customer, a leading OEM specialising in machine building, needed a solution to integrate into their existing hardware platform for their application which involved high speed data read/write.
Featured Staff
Craig Kennerley
Craig has been working at Impulse since 2015 and in that time he's worked closely with machine builders, system integrators and customers in the manufacturing industry. He has developed an understanding of the unique challenges and requirements driven by the demands of various industries and has notable experience with the following:
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OS update enhances medical equipment for leading medical manufacturer
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Leading global medical & commercial manufacturer Morgan Innovation approached us with a project to provide a long term solution in reducing the start-up times of their existing spinal nerve ablation machinery.
Featured Case study
Pre-imaging service for busy medical test and measurement company
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Our customer, a well-known machine builder working on behalf of a leading medical test & measurement company, required industrial panel PCs to replace existing equipment in order to reduce down-time and enhance operational capabilities.
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