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ASRock have been ASRocking since 2002, with motherboards being their original speciality. With ASRock Industrial being officially formed in 2018, their focus on industrial motherboards, edge computers and other products for the manufacturing, business, and retail industries has led to them becoming one of the world's leading industrial and embedded computing manufacturers, developing innovative industrial NUC solutions in both box PC and board-only format.

As the third-largest motherboard manufacturer in the world, ASRock's range of industrial boards and box PCs carry with them a pedigree of quality and performance, ensuring stability and longevity for critical applications that need it most. 

ASRock Embedded Box PCs
Featuring the latest ASRock NUC boxes plus the popular iBox series, ASRock's Embedded Box PC range caters for a huge range of requirements.
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As one of the leading manufacturers of NUC boards and boxes, ASRock's range of SBCs is at the forefront of embedded technology.
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ASRock Industrial Motherboards
Motherboards are the mainstay of ASRock's offering, with performance, stability, and longevity assured.
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Part of the Pegatron Corp. Group
As a Fortune Global 500 company the Pegatron Corp. Group provides a solid financial foundation for ASRock Industrial, ensuring exceptional longevity of supply, stable roadmaps and product availability.
Solid Business Alliances
ASRock Industrial partners with the world-leading CPU and software manufacturers, such as Intel, AMD, and AWS, to co-develop advanced, reliable products to meet market needs.

The latest ASRock products

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