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Five advantages of 5G in IIoT applications
Although 5G began rolling out back in 2019 it is still in its infancy, but once the main cellular providers adopt the technology in full, pushing it out into the mainstream, we can expect some good numbers when it comes to speed and latency, along with a huge leap in the number of connected devices the network can handle. Here we look at five advantages 5G will bring to Industrial IoT applications.
High-end device.
Low-end price.
With oodles of I/O, 4G up to 150MB/s, optional WiFi and v5 BlueTooth, and custom Python app support, the ICR-3231 Industrial LTE Gateway Router offers so much more than its sub-£500 price tag suggests.
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IoT Gateways
From Core to Celeron, Atom to RISC, our IoT Gateways provide device connectivity and northbound data while accelerating integration and simplifying overall management. Put some intelligence on the Edge.
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We design, build and support industrial IoT solutions
Impulse engineers and specialists take an uncompromising approach to fully understanding your project before recommending technologies, creating a logical network topology and providing optional accessories.
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IT and OT Convergence – what you should know
Data is key to understanding a business and trimming fat, cutting waste and streamlining processes, and the introduction of IIoT, cloud computing and global connectivity methods have opened the door to collecting this data.
IoT Management Solutions with Agent MaaS Suite (AMS)
AMS is an integrated IIoT management system providing plug-ins for standard protocols, device settings and monitoring, event detection and notification for their range of computing and communication devices.
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How to install Node-RED on an IIoT Gateway
We have created a free, easy-to-follow, step by step guide to installing Node-RED on a RISC Gateway, using the Moxa UC-3100.
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