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Impulse combines Industry insight with technology know-how to design, build and supply outstanding solutions for computing, control and communications in demanding environments.

We combine this with a passion for delivering forward-looking solutions that can transform operational success for customers across an extensive range of industries and applications. Impulse covers the spectrum of industrial computing, embedded systems and industrial IoT needs – from the supply of devices to solution design, build, configuration and network services.

12th Gen. VELA PCs
DAQ Cards
UL-Certified VELA
Intel 12th Gen. VELA PCs now in stock
Powered by Advantech, our Intel 12th Gen. Core VELA PCs are now in stock and ready to configure. Combining 40 years of Advantech's world-leading industrial computing development with 30 years of Impulse's industrial computing capabilities, the VELA:Rack range of configurable rack PC systems has the pedigree to support the most critical applications. 
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DAQ Cards: National Instruments or Advantech?
Advantech has long been a mainstay in the DAQ card industry, but still for many it may come as a surprise that their DAQ cards more than stand up to the National Instruments offerings, include LabVIEW support as standard, and come in at a fraction of the price.
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UL-Certified VELA Racks for the Nuclear Industry
A customer in the nuclear sector wished to replace the rack computers at heart of their control system, as critical system components had gone out of support. The control system itself forms part of an essential cog in the nuclear supply chain, and is deployed in numerous locations around the world.
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MOXA and IEC 62443
Siemens Rail data logger
Wi-Fi 6
Cleaner Cities
How MOXA and IEC 62443 Assure Cybersecurity
IEC 62443-4-2 is a standard within the IEC 62443 series, which addresses cybersecurity for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). Specifically, IEC 62443-4-2 defines the technical security requirements for IACS components. Given its applicability with the recent NIS2 directive, what are the key aspects of the standard and how can MOXA’s device portfolio contribute to upholding a regulatory level of cybersecurity?
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Rolling stock datalogger for Siemens Rail
Spurious error messages, especially those from rolling stock subsystems, can be difficult and time consuming to diagnose. Siemens Rail, in Manchester, wished to install a datalogging system onto their rolling stock to transmit data in real-time back to their depot for efficient data analysis.
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What Wi-Fi 6 brings to the Industrial Sector
We’re transitioning to the sixth iteration of what has become one the world’s most crucial and ubiquitous forms of device communication. Here we look at what Wi-Fi 6 will bring to the industrial sector.
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How smart buildings are paving the way to cleaner cities
Cities across the world currently house half the population, with over 4 billion people living in urbanised areas, with projections showing that by 2050 there will be a further 2.5 billion added to that. Climate experts are quick to point out that it is not just how these people get around that needs to be addressed, it is how they live and work.
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Not a normal cellular router
The term “feature-rich” doesn’t quite cut it with Advantech’s ICR-3231 cellular router, and its flexibility means nothing is out of reach for it in the IIoT space. It may sound a cliché, but with so much versatility and software-development potential, with the ICR-3231 the sky really is the limit when it comes to processing and communication in power-sensitive, IoT edge applications.
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Edge AI
Remote Management
Remote Benchmark Service
Jetson Orin
Intelligent Router
Peli Case with LCD & SBC
Solutions for Edge AI
Impulse offer rugged Edge AI compute platforms suitable for installation in wide ranging environments from in-vehicle, industrial, medical, surveilance and drones. We back our hardware solutions with a service layer which includes software integration, hardware customisation and global logistics and project support.
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Allxon DMS
With both In-Band and Out-Of-Band services, Allxon bonds Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV), Independent Software Vendors (ISV), and System Integrators (SI)/Managed Service Providers (MSP) together to make operations management effortless for leading industries. 
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Deploy your AI project at the edge
Test your code on our GPU computing systems before buying project hardware
NVIDIA Jetson Orin: A Breakthrough in Industrial Edge AI
First released in August 2022, NVIDIA’s latest and greatest addition to the Jetson series marks a staggering leap forward in capabilities. The Jetson Orin, available in three distinct versions—that being Nano, NX and AGX—is a powerful series of System-on-Modules that are revolutionising Edge as we know it.
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Intelligent router for stable, fast, and secure bonded cellular internet via multiple LTE providers
Albeego Limited wished to design an innovative intelligent cellular router which would connect to multiple LTE providers and deliver a single high bandwidth broadband connection that would work on the move and without the need for costly installations.
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LCD paired with SBC for a Marine Peli Case application
C-Tecnics, specialists in the design and development of underwater imaging and video recording systems, required a paired LCD and single board computer solution to be integrated into a Peli Case as part of a revolutionary underwater camera monitoring system.
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