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Impulse combines Industry insight with technology know-how to design, build and supply outstanding solutions for computing, control and communications in demanding environments.

We combine this with a passion for delivering forward-looking solutions that can transform operational success for customers across an extensive range of industries and applications. Impulse covers the spectrum of industrial computing, embedded systems and industrial IoT needs – from the supply of devices to solution design, build, configuration and network services.

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VELA - Powered by Advantech
UL-Certified VELA
Selecting a GPU
VELA Rack - Powered by Advantech
Through our long standing technology partnership with Advantech, the worlds #1 manufacturer of Industrial Computers, Impulse have launched a new range of custom built Industrial Computers to the UK market. Utilising our increased capacity, these systems are available to configure online, built, tested and stocked in the UK and delivered to you in a matter of days.
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UL-Certified VELA Racks for the Nuclear Industry
A customer in the nuclear sector wished to replace the rack computers at heart of their control system, as critical system components had gone out of support. The control system itself forms part of an essential cog in the nuclear supply chain, and is deployed in numerous locations around the world.
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Consumer vs Professional-grade GPUs
Despite the clear benefits for industrial system integrators to choose professional-grade GPUs, most of our customers still favour consumer-grade / gaming GPU cards. Here we look at five reasons why system integrators should choose a professional-grade GPU over consumer-grade.
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Edge AI
BOXER-8230AI for edge AI
Tiger Lake PICO-ITX
Peli Case with LCD & SBC
Solutions for Edge AI
Impulse offer rugged Edge AI compute platforms suitable for installation in wide ranging environments from in-vehicle, industrial, medical, surveilance and drones. We back our hardware solutions with a service layer which includes software integration, hardware customisation and global logistics and project support.
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Cost Effective, Powerful Edge AI PC
The BOXER-8230AI is AAEON's first rugged embedded box PC powered by the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX, offering more than twice the performance of the Jetson Nano and capable of simultaneously running multiple AI algorithms.
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PICO-ITX with Tiger Lake performance
With a form factor of just 2.5" the PICO-TGU4 is deployable in almost any tight space, yet is packed with high-performance features rarely seen in a PICO-ITX single board computer.
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LCD paired with SBC for a Marine Peli Case application
C-Tecnics, specialists in the design and development of underwater imaging and video recording systems, required a paired LCD and single board computer solution to be integrated into a Peli Case as part of a revolutionary underwater camera monitoring system.
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Industrial IoT Products Industrial IoT Capabilities

5G in IIoT
Siemens Rail data logger
Cleaner Cities
Five advantages of 5G in IIoT applications
The term '5G', like its predecessors, is a term simply used to describe a set of common standards and technologies in the cellular world. Where most of us have been using 3G and 4G for a number of years in a commercial environment, through phones and tablets, it's the Industrial IoT space which will perhaps benefit the most from the step up in cellular technology that 5G will bring, as IIoT devices become more complex and more prevalent in industrial applications.
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Rolling-stock data logger for Siemens Rail
Spurious error messages, especially those from rolling-stock subsystems, can be difficult and time consuming to diagnose. Siemens Rail, in Manchester, wished to install a data logging system onto their rolling stock to transmit data in real-time back to their depot for efficient data analysis.
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How Smart Buildings Are Paving the Way to Cleaner Cities
Cities across the world currently house half the population, with over 4bn people living in urbanised areas, and projections showing that by 2050 there will be another 2.5bn added to that. Climate experts are quick to point out that it is not just how these people get around that needs to be addressed, it is how they live and work.
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Not a normal cellular router
The term “feature-rich” doesn’t quite cut it with Advantech’s ICR-3231 cellular router, and its flexibility means nothing is out of reach for it in the IIoT space. It may sound a cliché, but with so much versatility and software-development potential, with the ICR-3231 the sky really is the limit when it comes to processing and communication in power-sensitive, IoT edge applications.
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