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Industry insight. Embedded know-how.

Impulse engineers and specialists have the industry insight and embedded know-how to design, build and configure outstanding solutions for wide-ranging needs.

Confidence is key when you want embedded systems to perform successfully in industrial environments. That’s why Impulse offers rigorous understanding, expert design and uncompromising build quality with access to class-leading products to give you embedded solutions that are reliable, repeatable and robust.

You’ll find Impulse embedded systems performing perfectly across the world – from traffic lights to hybrid vehicle controls, medical imaging systems and a multitude of industrial computing solutions.

We design, build and support embedded solutions

When our engineers build and configure off-the-shelf systems from Impulse’s standard product range they know that whether it’s an embedded PC, single board computer (SBC), rack-mount or panel computer it has to be unquestionably reliable, repeatable and robust.

What’s more, the same applies to the complete support we offer – from concept to deployment and beyond.

The customer challenge
A digital signage solutions provider is developing a new smart, ultra widescreen digital display and content management platform for the transportation market. They are looking for a partner to help develop the signage hardware so their team has time to concentrate on the software element of the product. The devices are to be deployed in transport hubs throughout the UK, where they will be subject to UK weather conditions and direct sunlight. The option to wireless update content is preferable as the customer cannot always guarantee a stable wired WAN connection.
360 Assessment from Impulse
Through our 360 Assessment, Impulse Design Engineers recognise the requirements of a device manufactured for outdoor use in harsh UK weather conditions, with consideration given to operating temperature range, display characteristics, processing power and power consumption. The requirement for OS and software stability are also noted, along with the need for ease of integration into the proposed chassis design. As this product is a new entry to the transport market, pricing stability during ramp in is also discussed.
The customer provides a 3D model of their proposed chassis design so that Impulse Design Engineers can add the electronic sub assembly into the model. A kit of parts, comprising enclosed PSU, cables harness, embedded single board computer, OS and stretched display, is provided to the customer for software testing. In the meantime Impulse fabricators create a sample metal housing and sub assembly BOM for the initial prototype, which is subsequently approved and a complete digital technical pack created to aid the customer with compliance testing.
To deliver systems to the high quality standards our customers have come to expect, Impulse Build Engineers follow stringent production processes in our dedicated production facility; an extremely clean and ESD controlled area with extensive environmentally controlled storage areas for components. A unique customer-specified test routine is followed to simulate the various electrical conditions typical in the transportation environment, and an extended soak test is then performed before the product is finally packed into custom-made cartons and despatched to the customer.
As the customer is an OEM with the need to support both existing installations and new customer sites, a quick turnaround on product despatch is required. A flexible 'call off' facility is arranged with minimum stock levels and alerts to ensure continuity of supply in all demand eventualities, and for units damaged or vandalised in the field, a fixed price 'renew' facility is agreed to recycle existing electronics into new mechanical housings. Complimentary technical support is provided for the full product lifecycle, along with a controlled and barcode tracked BOM to enable warranty and component traceability down to a site level. End of Life (EOL) and Product Change Notifications (PCN) are also managed by Impulse to ensure longevity and continuity of supply.

Services for embedded systems

360 Assessment

Our rigorous 360 Assessment provides the basis for solutions which take full account of environmental factors, commercial imperatives and both legacy and proposed technologies.

Industrial environments are unforgiving to solutions that aren’t completely fit for purpose. That’s why we take a 360 degree approach to the question of what’s needed before providing answers. We believe in close collaboration with our customers but we’re also able to take a lead role in this crucial stage for any computing, control or communications project.

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Design services
Build services
Support services
Prototyping services
We can offer a custom chassis design with metal and plastic fabrication to your exact requirement
Our 3D modelling/drawing design and library management service supplying you with documentation for installation and certification purposes
We can offer bespoke branding of your chassis including custom livery with your logo, I/O labelling, name plate, serial number and part code for all our embedded computing solutions
Custom I/O ports can be added to all our embedded systems to enhance flexibility and scalability for your application
We can integrate and test additional peripheral cards with your core computing platform ensuring compatibility with driver installation and system imaging
Custom or market specific connectors and specifications can be created and supplied in-house with all embedded and industrial computing solutions
We can pair our range of single board computers to your choice of LCD panel with a custom display BIOS and cabling for a fully customised HMI to your exact requirements
We offer a custom touch screen overlay design service to fit on your LCD panel for a unique OEM user display interface
Compatibility testing is provided free of charge as a standard practice for all components within your BOM (Bill of Materials)
We can personalise splash screens, additional features and persistent settings on your core computing platform for continuity and reliability
We can create, install and deploy operating systems (Linux/Windows) with the option of Windows OS customisation to add features not available on desktop variants
We offer preloading of your software to ensure compatibility and inclusion in the imaging setup process
Installation of remote device management software is available on all our compatible hardware platforms
We can supply end-to-end management and support of machine to machine (M2M) or standard SIM cards for global cellular solutions
We can prepare and finalise prototype hardware platforms ready for mass production repeatable solutions
Build services
Our programmised system build routines are undertaken in our antistatic controlled engineering facility based in the heart of the UK
We offer secure and controlled imaging services in-house providing you with your own captured golden image for repeatable and dependable system deployment
We offer custom OEM product packaging alongside our white label direct delivery service
Our advanced test services are designed to meet your specific needs including extended soak, full load, burn in and software testing
We supply as standard, detailed photographic and documentary evidence of our build process for all computer system solutions
Testing services
Our enhanced EMC testing service ensures your prototyped systems meet regional or market specific standards and certifications prior to mass production
We can undertake full safety testing of your solutions to meet regional or market specific standards (beyond CE marked or self-certified solutions to EU standards)
We have access to advanced thermal testing and simulation capabilities for custom systems used in demanding environments
We offer additional testing and simulation services for systems requiring market compliance with specific safety and environmental standards
Logistics services
We can become an extension of your own stock-holding with fast call-off or pre-agreed inventory for improved cashflow and JIT manufacturing (based on a project SLA)
For OEMs requiring next day/Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery of custom systems with inventory/build management and pre-agreed delivery scheduling
We offer custom kitting for your complex projects and installations requiring specialist and robust packing and labelling services
For more demanding logistics needs we can offer you our advanced delivery services including FORS, same-day and pallet despatch
For on-going engagements, we can scan and track all your BOM components with data which includes contents of each system, warranty status and delivery addresses
After-sales services
We can offer global extended warranties of up to 5 years on all of our product range giving your peace of mind for the duration of your project lifetime
Our in-country RMA service is available in over 26 countries and allows for localised returns and repairs, reducing your overall cost of ownership
Our after warranty capability offers you peace of mind beyond standard product warranties essential for long lifetime industrial system supply
We offer complete 3rd line UK technical support, free of charge for the lifetime of your product
We offer proactive management of end-of-life (EOL) and product change notifications (PCN) across all components within your system
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