Welcome to Impulse Embedded

Who we are

Impulse Embedded is a leading provider of Industrial computing systems and solutions. Our customers rely on us to provide the best embedded computing products and solutions for the challenges presented by today’s industrial demands. Together with our global manufacturing partners we provide world-class innovative embedded computing and automation products and solutions suitable for multiple industrial market sectors.

Founded over 25 years ago with a vision to connect UK companies with global innovation and with many of the original staff still with us today, we’ve remained market focused by staying at the forefront of global technology and supporting our customer’s unique projects by being the familiar link between themselves and our manufacturing partners.

Even though the industrial landscape is forever changing, our passion and enthusiasm for the industrial market has remained the same.

Passionately Curious

Based in the heart of the Midlands, we’re proud to be from Stoke-on-Trent. With famous local pottery brands like Wedgwood and Royal Doulton being recognised the world over, this pride often manifests itself in the form of us surreptitiously turning plates and cups over in restaurants to see if they were made in Stoke.

This passion for recognising product extends to our own market, as we love nothing more than spotting an industrial computer or IOT device wherever we go. Embedded computing is what we do best, and getting hands on with new product or involved in customer’s applications-whatever their market, feeds our passion and sparks interest for the next project. Our enthusiasm for the industry keeps us passionately curious.

Powered by People

At Impulse we believe in empowering our team and challenging each other in order to get the best results for our customers. We believe in laughter and positivity, hard work and a job well done. We listen. We look after each other and care about our people and our culture which makes working here rewarding and what makes us Impulse Embedded. We feel like we’ve created a place where people enjoy coming to work, and because of that our customers experience the best of our people.

Leading from the Front

Positive leadership means that our people are informed, involved, challenged and focused in a common direction. We are encouraged to seek out opportunities for personal growth, unleashing talent and empowering decision making, ultimately leading to an energised workforce and happy customers.

Together, our leaders have over 50 years' collective experience in the industrial embedded market. This experience is still gaining pace as they continue to be customer facing, remaining hands on with new products, getting involved with project meetings, speaking to customers and regularly engaging our partner network.

+44(0)1782 337 800
+44(0)1782 337 800