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Solutions for in-vehicle computing

Our range of in-vehicle devices cover computing and data communication. To really enable a typical in-vehicle application, eMark and ignition control are often prerequisite considerations along with the I/O, connectivity, storage and the correct operating system for your software. Over the past 10 years we have supported our customers by helping define, build, configure and support hardware that powers a wide range of different applications.
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Mobile data collection
Todays delivery fleets are technology enabled to allow near instant access for consumers and businesses alike to data such as delivery schedules, instore stock levels, time to target and even driver behaviour. Every data collection application has slightly different requirements from OBD2 vehicle interfaces through to the now more traditional touchscreen and stylus text input. Impulse have a range of innovative products suitable for mobile and vehicle data capture projects.
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Warehousing and AGV
Putting technology onto warehouse vehicles can be challenging due to the complex environmental and electrical extremes that these vehicles can be subject to. Add in the modern AGV to this mix and connectivity, fast AP roaming and power consumption also become a concern, lets not even mention where to mount the devices. Talk to one of our specialists about how we can help find and provide the most suitable hardware for your warehouse vehicle project.
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Vehicle mounted CCTV and ANPR is becoming more common not only for blue-light services but for all types of public and private organisations. Only recently has computing technology become compact, powerful and rugged enough to cope with the environmental rigors and processing load this type of application can present. Our application specialists can help you find the right hardware for your project and if it doesn't exist, we might even be able to create something from scratch.
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Media servers & Wi-fi
Commuters now expect a certain level or entertainment when traveling via coach and the VOD (Video On Demand) media server gives a real 'connected' experience by caching enough content to keep a wide variety of passengers entertained. With both in-flight style and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) systems our computers and connectivity devices are already enabling content for literally thousands of passengers weekly, please get in touch to find out how.
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Hand picked products for in-vehicle computing applications

Did you know?
Our rugged tablet computers are used by a major public transport operator to take payments for tickets and catering services.
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GOT610-837 In-vehicle LCD panel computer
Axiomtek GOT610-837 - 10.4" Vehicle-mounted Terminal, ideal for manufacturing and logistics applications.
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Big trends in autonomous vehicles
In Vehicle Computers
The global automobile industry is worth a reported $3.5tn in annual revenues and is facing four huge disruptive threats: the connected car, electric vehicles, autonomous driving technology and the concept of transport-as-a-service.
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Edge AI GPU computing platforms from Neousys
Impulse Embedded introduce the full range of GPU computing platforms from Neousys. Since they developed the first wide-temperature compact embedded computer based on a GPU-computing platform in 2016, Neousys have contnued to bring to market innovative Edge AI platforms that address emerging intelligent applications such as autonomous driving, vision inspection and artificial intelligence. This...
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POC-351VTC, a complete solution for modern in-vehicle applications
Impulse introduce the POC-351VTC from Neousys, an ultra-compact, fanless embedded in-vehicle computer powered by Intel Atom Apollo Lake E3950 quad-core processor.
Featured Case study
Bespoke rack-mount PC with vibration and shock protection for in-vehicle control application
Rack mount PCs
Our customer in the transportation industry needed a high performance rack mount PC for an in-vehicle control application. As the system would be deployed in rugged environments, the customer required shock and vibration protection, and because rack mount PCs are generally designed to be installed in fixed and stable environments, Impulse had to create a bespoke system suitable for the applica...
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Axiomtek tBOX400-510-FL - Embedded Transportation PC from Impulse Embedded
Axiomtek's tBOX400-510-FL is a reliable, rugged embedded system for a wide range of Intelligent Transportation applications. The tBOX400-510-FL Embedded Transportation PC is available with Intel 7th Gen. Core i7/i5/i3/Celeron CPU options and is EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 45545-2, eMark, DNV2.4 and IEC 60945 compliant. 

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