Industrial Wireless

Our industrial wireless products span access points, routers, device servers and gateways. Not quite what you are looking for? You can also find a whole host of wireless I/O modules in our distributed I/O category.

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Wireless Access Points
Our Industrial Wireless Access Points allow wireless connectivity in demanding environments. Our products cater for common wireless protocols such as 802.11 but also include LPWAN devices suitable for true IOT applications.
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Wireless Device Servers
Wireless Serial Device Servers are ideal for connecting legacy machines to your factory network, especially where running new cabling will be disruptive or expensive.
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Our range of LPWAN nodes, access points and gateways offer LoRaWAN connectivity and control where long range communication using battery power is the only option in your application.
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Wireless Gateways
Rugged Wireless Gateways for industrial applications using Modbus and LoRaWAN communication protocols for easy implementation in to your next demanding project.
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Introducing the EKI-1361-MB and EKI-1362-MB Wireless Modbus Gateways
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Industrial monitoring system with custom I/O for nationwide government broadcast sites
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