Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
AI (Artificial Intelligence) is very much taking the spotlight in the world we live in today. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and Brexit, the UK (United Kingdom) government recognised the huge opportunities in AI, and we have one of the most dynamic, and established AI strategies in the world. There is significant government funding available, external venture capital, and the UK boasts the highest number of AI start-ups in Europe. There is already huge adoption of AI technologies across different market sectors, making a positive contribution to our economy with projections that the AI market will continue to grow exponentially in the next 5 years.  

What is AI? – Deep Learning and ANNs

The origins of AI as we know it today can be traced back to the 1940’s, when two American Scientists published the first mathematical model of a neural network (a biological network in the brain). This gave birth to the concept of Deep Learning, which describes a way of programming computers that is hugely different to a standard piece of machine code. The field of Deep Learning slowly advanced throughout the last century, until more recently when work on ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) started to rapidly accelerate progress in Deep Learning and AI technology. 

Prior to Deep Learning and ANNs, the code we created gave simple commands to the computer, and the computer (or machine) did exactly as it was told. Whatever the instructions, the computer performed the task in the same way, potentially billions of times over. This gave the perception computers were smart, however, they were not; they could just perform the task super-fast, and therefore appeared smart.  

With Deep Learning algorithms we started to tell the computers to figure out themselves ‘what should be done.’ The backbone to this environment is the ANNs, which mimic the human brain, allowing computers to recognize patterns and solve problems on their own. This changed the landscape forever, and allowed machines to become extremely intelligent, opening the door to solve endless challenges in our world. 
AI Hardware

AI Hardware

In 2009, Nvidia were involved in the so called ‘Big Bang of Deep Learning’. They proved that using GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) technology to process data in ANNs could increase the processing speed 100’s of times. Since then, there have been huge advances in computer hardware technology and Impulse have seen significant adoption of GPUs in industrial systems, often with AI acceleration technology, replacing traditional CPU (central processing unit) architecture.  

NVidia have been at the forefront of this movement, designing GPU accelerated technology such as the Jetson module family, which enables the manufacture of small form factor high performance industrial edge computers, all supported by a cross platform software stack, expediting the time to market for adopters of their hardware.  

Innovation Hub

Impulse Embedded offer the full suite of Jetson platforms in different guises, alongside industrial systems and servers with discrete GPU cards. Our experienced technical team can help to steer clients to the correct platform and offer remote benchmarking services to any of these platforms, allowing companies with sufficiently mature code to test their software on different systems to quickly determine the most appropriate technical and economical solution, reducing the development time significantly. 

Remote benchmarking services are available via our Innovation Hub at Impulse HQ. Alongside testing, we can all help clients fine tune their AI devices for site specific configuration, bolstering our traditional integration and testing services.  
Our AI Systems Capabilities

Our AI Systems Capabilities

Developing an industrial AI computing solution can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. With our AI Systems capabilities, we can create reliable, repeatable and robust systems to help reduce your costs and development time. With our team of in-house engineers and specialists, all with decades of experience, we can offer you fully deployable embedded Edge AI computing solutions straight out of the box.

For more details regarding our AI Systems capabilities please click here.

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