Technical Support

At Impulse, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive Technical Support to our customers. Our dedicated team are committed to providing timely assistance and solutions to any issues our customers may encounter. Whether troubleshooting software problems, assisting with hardware configurations, or offering guidance on utilising our products to their fullest potential, we are here to help every step of the way.

The Team

Our skilled Tech team has a shared wealth of experience. Our Head of Technology and R&D, Chris Durose, has worked at Impulse for over 25 years and is responsible for our Industrial Computing & Embedded Solutions divisions. Connor, our Technical Support Engineer, provides 1st line post-sales technical support to our clients. Finally, our newest addition, Joe, joined the team in 2024 and brought experience working in the RAF to his role, assisting the team with his hands-on approach.

Our People
The Lab
At the forefront of technology is our Innovation Hub and development lab. Trained with the latest tools and equipment, we conduct our research and development here, as well as rigorous product testing and fault finding to fine-tune our devices.

Equipped with the latest technology and staffed by a team of visionary application engineers, our lab is dedicated to prototype creation, rigorous testing, and crafting advancements that redefine our industry.
Remote Benchmarking
Our Remote Benchmarking service allows developers to test their model and application code remotely and select a hardware platform that scales with end users. It is adaptable to target environments and reduces development costs.

Using this service, you can remotely log in and deploy your code onto any one of a number of test systems to determine which platform will be most suitable for your project.
New Product Introduction
When our technology partners release new products, we test and review them in our innovation lab to ensure that they meet each customer's requirements and expectations for performance out in the field.

These tests include an extended burn test, PC doctor, and different stress tests such as Prime95, along with a series of benchmarks that are used to obtain baseline performance.

Lifecycle Management
Our technical engineers play a critical role in managing the technical aspects of the product lifecycle, ensuring that the product meets quality standards, performs as expected, and delivers value to our customers even beyond the product lifecycle.

This involves monitoring the performance of the product, addressing any technical issues that arise, and releasing updates or patches as needed to improve functionality and address customer feedback.

"A fast response to an issue was very welcome.
Thanks for your continuous support."

- one of our valued customers

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+44(0)1782 337 800
+44(0)1782 337 800
Technical Support