Brexit Update

News16 Dec 2020
Author: Craig Stone
Brexit Update
With the UK leaving the EU back on the 31 January 2020, and the current transition period coming to an end this month, the team here at Impulse have received a number of questions and update requests from customers regarding the potential impacts of Brexit on our business operations.

This article provides the latest Brexit update from our team and explains the measures we have put in place to support our customers as we move into 2021.
Brexit Talks
As we reach the end of the transition period, talks are still ongoing between the UK Government and their European Counterparts as they attempt to finalise the situation for the UK regarding Brexit; however, at the time of publishing this article, a final deal is yet to be confirmed. As such, our team have tried to plan for number of eventualities based on the current information available in the public domain.

In essence, should the UK government not agree a deal with the EU, it is a possibility that the UK would revert to trading with the EU on a WTO and third country basis from the start of 2021. This is known as the ‘no deal’ option. It is also assumed that this would lead to trade between the UK and EU becoming subject to tariffs and new regulatory requirements.

Our Preparations
Our aim is to ensure that there is minimal disruption to our business and the services we provide to our customers. As such, our Brexit preparations are being given the highest priority and overseen by our Board of Directors.

Our Brexit team follow events as they unfold on a daily basis and continue to engage with our customers and supply chain as more details of the future trading relationship with the EU and others around the globe becomes clearer.

We have taken the time to consider the possible impacts to our Company and put in place a range of measures to ensure we limit negative impact to our operations or customers when the transition out of the EU in January 2021 takes place.

To ensure we are fully prepared, our Brexit team are liaising with HMRC, Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce – Department for International Trade, our local couriers and global forwarders, along with many other companies and institutions, both in the UK and EU.

We are confident that our supply chain is robust enough to manage and support customers with any changes brought on by Brexit, including processing VAT and duty, and dealing with customs declarations, tariff charges, import/export licences or certificates of origin.

We have also optimised our sales order process to enable fast access to applicable commodity codes and country of origin details, should our customers require this information.

Stock Availability
One of the main focuses for our customers is stock availability. We are committed to continuity of our supply and have been working extensively across our internal departments and our supplier and partner base throughout the Brexit process.

We have increased our stock holding here in the UK, and will continue to arrange regular consignments of product to replenish our stocks.

Many customers have already entered into supply agreements with ourselves by placing stocking orders. However, our team will be happy to discuss specific initiatives regarding the availability of stock should our customers need further clarification or support.
Data Protection
A ‘no deal’ Brexit may also have consequences relating to the way we use and process data. It is understood that the UK would no longer be a signatory to European data protection legislation. Nevertheless, from 2021, the current EU GDPR is to be retained in domestic UK law, but the UK will have the independence to keep the framework under review. The ‘UK GDPR’ will sit alongside an amended version of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018)

Impulse Embedded Limited and our parent company Impulse Corporation Limited are committed to ensuring that all of our customers’ data is handled sensitively and in-line with UK GDPR and EU GDPR legislation. We will also comply with the Data Protection Act 2018.

We strive to have a diverse workforce and have employees from across the EU. We are working with these employees to ensure that we have appropriate visas in place in line with legislation and as required.

Need More Information?
Should customers, suppliers or partners have any questions or require additional information on any specific aspect of our operations or service, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

We look forward to continuing to work together and thank you for your ongoing support.

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