COVID-19 driving Industrial Computing market in pursuit of efficiency

Author: Anthony Barham H/T: Yahoo! Finance
COVID-19 driving Industrial Computing market in pursuit of efficiency
In 2020, the seemingly immeasurable effect of COVID-19 on businesses across all sectors has come in a myriad of forms. From the rush to empty supermarket shelves of everyday hygiene products, to shortages of building materials and medicine, the impact of the economic fluctuations will be felt for years to come.
As a result, post-COVID industry is set to look markedly different, with IPC sales increasing to fulfil the need for businesses to run more efficiently, by streamlining operations, modernising processes and infrastructure, and implementing state of the art automation systems to facilitate a more efficient management of plant operations by managers and engineers.
Machine Vision applications are by no means new to the manufacturing and automation industry. Used for efficient reporting of production-line defects, predictive maintenance, and visualisation of plant processes for ease of maintenance and diagnostics, SCADA and HMI systems bridge the gap between OT and IT, and continue to revolutionise manufacturing facilities from large-scale, multi-national operations all the way down to local food production factories.
The demand for Panel PCs and Rack-mount PCs already accounts for nearly 50% of the industrial computing market, with growth in the DIN-rail IPC sector expected to grow quickly over the coming months and years due to their compact form factor and flexibility in I/O. DIN-rail industrial computers are a key component in smart, connected factories, owing to their ability to be customised to suit a multitude of applications.
As the UK emerges from the economic turbulence created by the COVID-19 pandemic, our industrial sector is likely to strengthen, modernise and become more efficient. If you require support with your modernisation project, or any industrial computing or IoT requirements, Impulse can provide a 360 Assessment free of charge. Feel free to call us on 01782 337 800 or click here to get in touch.
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