Develop industrial applications with Moxa's EM series of RISC-based modules

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Develop industrial applications with Moxa's EM series of RISC-based modules
Moxa's EM-series of RISC embedded computing modules are programmable platforms within a small and compact package, specifically designed for installation within existing legacy systems.
Connectivity is key when developing IIoT applications, and for most OEMs and system integrators, looking beyond the boundaries of network connectivity and starting with robust hardware that easily integrates in to existing systems is paramount in providing a good base to develop sustainable IIoT applications.

Perfect for machine builders, OEMs and system integrators, these Moxa Computer-on-Module boards significantly enhance industrial devices by allowing multiple connection types, customised computing and task processing to help reduce the time and work involved in designing new applications.

EM-1220 Series

Ultra-compact, easily integrated

The EM-1220 is an ultra-compact, credit card sized computer-on-module that can be easily integrated within various industrial applications owing to its powerful serial communications capability for improved system integration.

Programmers will find that the pre-installed, ready-to run µClinux platform in addition to the full-function development kit make for straightforward software development to build a reliable communication base for industrial automation applications. Moreover, Moxa have produced a wide temperature model to provide a reliable solution for the demands of harsh environments.

Customers looking to expand their industrial application to include more peripherals, will find the EM-1240 series a suitable alternative with the addition of 2 extra serial ports and a slightly broader form factor.

Key features:

  • MOXA ART ARM9 32-bit 192MHz processor
  • 16MB RAM, 8MB flash disk on-board
  • Dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports for network redundancy
  • SD signals supported for external SD socket connection
  • 10x GPIOs reserved for system integration
  • Ready-to-run μClinux Kernel 2.6 platform
  • Full-function development kit for quick evaluation and application development

EM-2260 Series

The EM-2260 series are feature rich, RISC modules designed to easily integrate in to a variety of existing systems within industrial applications.  Programmers will find the pre-installed ready to run Windows Embedded CE platform beneficial for developing software and building reliable communication bases for industrial automation applications.

The EM-2260 embedded module uses Cirrus Logic EP9315 ARM9, 32-bit, 200MHz RISC CPU. This powerful embedded computing module supports multiple useful communication functions, whilst not generating a lot of heat. The built-in 32MB NOR Flash ROM and 128MB SDRAM gives enough memory to run application software directly on the EM-2260 is suitable for use with SCADA systems in Industrial applications such as manufacturing automation, production line process monitoring and mining automation that require VGA and HMI features.

Key features:

  • Graphical interface for external VGA output connection
  • Four 2kV optically isolated RS-232/422/485 serial ports
  • Dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports for network redundancy
  • 8x digital input and 8x digital output channels
  • Supports CompactFlash and USB2.0 hosts
  • Ready-to-run Windows Embedded CE 6.0 or Linux OS
  • Full-function development kit for quick evaluation and application development
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