Develop industrial projects with RISC-based devices from Impulse Embedded

Develop industrial projects with RISC-based devices from Impulse Embedded
Impulse launch an ‘IIoT RISC assessment’ 3 step mini-series on how RISC computing can help accelerate your IIoT projects.
Did you know?
We can help you develop your RISC based projects with hardware and support for Yocto Linux, Moxa Industrial Linux and other Real-Time Operating Systems
Because today’s market is saturated with products and solutions to help develop Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects, an important consideration when choosing an embedded computing solution is whether the device can handle the complex requirements of the IIoT application in order to deliver reliable performance, and whether the operating system supporting the device is suitable for the design of your IIoT project.

Over the next few weeks, our 3-part ‘IIoT RISC assessment’ mini-series of focused articles and newsletters aims to help underpin your knowledge of how various RISC based products — from Industrial PCs for large scale deployment, to development boards for OEMs and machine builders — can really help to advance your industrial applications.

Starting week commencing 6th August, here's what to expect:

  • Easy to develop and maintain IIoT gateways featuring Moxa industrial Linux
  • Customisable gateway solutions with embedded Yocto Linux operating system from Axiomtek
  • RISC-based development boards for OEM's & machine builders

RISC computing for IIoT

Why RISC for IIoT?:

  • Performance - Applications for IIoT are often in critical situations which must be low latency and real-time, which can easily be achieved with RISC architecture.
  • Power - Depending on the installation there is often a tight power budget, for example any remote site installation or battery powered application.
  • Price: - IoT applications need to be scalable for large installations and RISC based hardware and software are generally lower in cost for large scale installations

IIoT applications typically have a platform intended to be used for a specific task, and this is where RISC-based products and IIoT really complement each other. Because this task is defined within the application, the preferred system will not be used for any other purpose, therefore Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) architectures are an ideal solution for many IIoT projects as RISC based systems are dedicated and focused, designed to perform a set task as efficiently as possible by taking the minimum amount of computer cycles to execute an instruction.

RISC computing highlights

  • Wide temperature specifications
  • High mean-time between failure (MTBF) statistics
  • 10+ years product supply
  • Low power requirement

Introducing Moxa Industrial Linux

Moxa Industrial Linux (MIL) is a high-performance industrial-grade Linux distribution developed by Moxa to help accelerate your industrial projects. MIL is based on Debian 9 and the standard Linux kernel that makes it easy to deploy applications on multiple systems.  

To address the long-term system needs of smart cities and industries such as power, water, oil & gas, transportation, and factory automation, MIL comes with 10-year Linux support that includes security patches and bug fixes, making industrial projects secure and sustainable.  

Part 1 of our mini-series will look more at how Moxa Industrial Linux can help support industrial projects through a range of innovative products that offer:
  • A secure platform - Moxa Industrial Linux comes with a built-in utility that helps developers implement cybersecurity protection mechanism based on IEC 62443-4-2 international standard.
  • Robust file system - Integrated into Moxa Industrial Linux providing extra protection during firmware upgrades and downgrades
  • Long term support to future proof your applications - Moxa Industrial Linux allows users to keep the same kernel version and Debian user space without having to upgrade the whole system frequently


Is Yocto for you?

If you want proven technology designed for long-term use that is flexible, adaptable, compact and easily deployed, then Yocto might be for you.

Why Yocto?

  • Proven technology, designed for long-term use. The build tool and package metadata has been used widely for over 10 years
  • Can be installed on standard hardware without any special requirement
  • No restrictions in its use, the Yocto build system is General Public License so there are no terms to agree to
  • Stable platform with six monthly release cycle with maintained release branches
  • Flexible, adaptable, compact and easily deployed

The Yocto Bitbake task execution system is robust and practical and one of the main reasons that it is so widely used in the embedded software industry. Product development in the IIoT space is incredibly fast and many devices have feature sets that benefit from a Linux implementation. Yocto's wide variety of features, expandability and tight control over the contents of the target image make it ideally suited for projects in these spaces and is certainly worth considering as a basis for IIoT projects. The Yocto project could definitely be considered a solid option for most embedded projects, serving as an excellent base for developing bespoke IIoT platforms.  

Part 2 of our RISC assessment mini-series will look at a range of Axiomtek RISC-based gateway and control products that use the Yocto Linux operating system.

About Impulse Embedded

Since 1993 Impulse have been providing industrial devices for computing, communication and control for a variety of vertical markets and focused application areas.  We are specialists in RISC-based architectures with proven project expertise spanning key vertical markets with certified solutions for a number of applications.

Impulse key facts:

  • Over 25 years industry knowledge
  • Proficient in hardware specification and selection
  • Knowledgeable and efficient design in service
  • Capable of advanced project management systems for support with design, build, and distribution
  • Trusted relationships with leading global manufacturers
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