Dextrous robot delivering human-like mobility

Source: IoTnews
Dextrous robot delivering human-like mobility
Engineers at Cambridge Consultants, who have been hard at work creating a dextrous robot, are claiming it to have ‘human-like’ mobility.
Traditional robotics employ features such as laser positioning, accurate to tenths of a millimetre, but Hank’s technology has no need for such antiquated technology, having been given an intrinsic sense of ‘touch’. Through the use of airflows, which act as ‘muscles’ to flex each finger, Hank can ‘feel’ the object, and is even able to apply more pressure should the object begin to slip through its grasp.

Vision sensors in more traditional robotic grips are costly, arguably inaccurate (in relative terms), and somewhat primitive in the way they control the object in their grip. Not only is Hank vastly more advanced in its manipulation of objects, but it is also seen as having the potential to cut these costs, with simple, food-grade, silicon fingers which can be replaced should they become broken or worn.

Bruce Ackman, Logistics Commercial Lead at Cambridge Consultants, commented: “The logistics industry relies heavily on human labour to perform warehouse picking and packing and has to deal with issues of staff retention and shortages. Automation of this part of the logistics chain lags behind the large-scale automation seen elsewhere.

Hank’s world-leading sensory system is a game changer for the logistics industry, making actions such as robotic bin picking and end-to-end automated order fulfilment possible. Adding a sense of touch and slip, generated by a single, low-cost sensor, means that Hank’s fingers could bring new efficiencies to giant distribution centres.”

Check out the video below to see Hank in action!
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