Gatwick airport set to use autonomous robots for valet parking

The three month trial of autonomous robotic valets will commence in August, 2019 in a bid to ‘fit more vehicles in to its car park’.
During the trial, Zone B of Gatwick’s busy long-stay car park will serve as the test environment for a fleet of proposed robotic valets.

Developed by French firm Stanley Robotics, the robots, also known as ‘stan’, use forklift truck-like equipment to lift cars off the ground to transport them to designated parking spaces in the test ground.

Service users will drive to the car park, park their car in a dedicated ‘cabin’, confirming their booking on a touchscreen before setting off to enjoy their holidays. Cars will then be scanned for their dimensions and ‘slotted in to appropriately sized spaces’ by the robots.

By using the robots, Gatwick Airport are reducing the need to open the vehicle doors, allowing a third more cars to occupy the space than when parked in the traditional way. If successful, the scheme may be extended in to zones C and D, increasing their overall capacity from 6000 self-parking spaces to 8500 robotic valet spaces.
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