Impulse enhance expertise with Moxa technical certification

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Impulse enhance expertise with Moxa technical certification
The Moxa Technical Support Certification (MTSC) was established to guarantee that customers around the world receive reliable, professional and timely technical support with their Moxa products.
In February 2018 our in-house Field Application Engineer (FAE) and Production Manager attended the latest MTSC event to further enhance their knowledge of the latest Moxa products and technology, whilst also updating their personal Moxa Technical Support Certification. To achieve their certification, our technical team are required to attend regular, ongoing training sessions led by Moxa's own technical support experts, and must go on to pass a rigorous battery of tests at MTSC.

Our technical engineers attended regular training sessions throughout the 3-day MTSC event covering various subject areas, and after passing a number of rigorous assessments we are pleased to report that our team once again were granted MTSC certification. This MTSC certification safeguards a continuation of industry expertise that starts with Moxa and ends with efficient and successful project deployments for our customers.

Matt Lundberg, Impulse Embedded's FAE has attended MTSC for two years consecutively, and describes the experience as ‘demanding yet insightful’, stating that “without these events held by Moxa we wouldn’t get opportunity to immerse ourselves in all of the Moxa products and solutions available and offer the expertise we gain to our customers”.

The big topics at this year’s MTSC event were the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), including connectivity & device management, cyber security, industrial Ethernet and industrial wireless. These subjects exhibit the evolution of industrial manufacturing, and show how IIoT continues to play an important role in the various markets that we operate in.

Chris Durose, Senior Technical Manager commented that “MTSC provides an invaluable opportunity to develop our in-house skills and get hands on with devices spanning the whole Moxa range. By continually investing in our employees and expanding our technical expertise Impulse Embedded continue to add value to our customers' unique projects”.

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