Intel’s 11th Gen Core Industrial CPUs focused on IIoT and A.I.

Intel’s 11th Gen Core Industrial CPUs focused on IIoT and A.I.
  • Intel's industrial version of the 11th Gen. Core CPU is more IIoT focused than it's commercial counterpart
  • Up to 23% performance boost over the 10th Gen. version
  • Perfect for process-heavy medical applications
You may have recently noticed the word ‘industrial’ appearing when referring to Intel’s new 11th Gen Core CPUs. This is because their offering to the industrial market, as announced in their Industrial Summit, is geared towards more IoT-based requirements than their previously announced commercial-grade 11th Gen Core counterparts.
What sets these industrial versions apart are features focused on IoT applications, which generally demand high-speed, low-latency processing. From the previous generation CPU, the 11th Gen Core CPUs boast a 23% increase in single-thread performance, and a 19% gain in multi-thread performance. Graphics performance has also had a boost with almost three times what can be achieved with the 10th Gen Core.

Dual-video decode boxes allow up to forty streams to be run simultaneously in high-definition at an impressive 30FPS, and can also output four 4K video channels and two 8K video channels.

Next-gen medical imaging devices are no problem for Intel’s new 11th Gen Core Industrial CPUs, and with enough power to process high-intensity A.I. diagnostics, the platform is perfectly geared to the increasing demands of the healthcare market.

“The business impact of AI at the edge and vision workloads is an amazing growth area,” says John Healy, vice president of Intel’s IoT Group. He went on to explain that Intel are bolstering its IoT support with this latest generation of CPUs, saying, “Think of it as a full asset stack with reference designs, tooling, acceleration, applications, and connectivity.”
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