Introducing the EKI-1361-MB and EKI-1362-MB Wireless Modbus Gateways

News04 May 2020EKI-1361-MB
Introducing the EKI-1361-MB and EKI-1362-MB Wireless Modbus Gateways
We are pleased to introduce the new EKI-1361-MB and EKI-1362-MB from our partner Advantech. These wireless Modbus gateways bring RS-232/422/485 device connectivity to wireless LAN comms allowing almost any device with a serial port to share a wireless LAN Modbus network.  

The EKI-1361-MB and EKI-1362-MB are rugged, industrial Modbus gateway devices that provide a simple and cost-effective method to bring remote management and data accessibility to thousands of devices that could not otherwise connect to a network.

Having the capability to link any serial device to an IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n network and supporting 802.11n MIMO 2T2R, the EKI-1361-MB or EKI-1361-MB empower your serial devices by offering compatibility with most common operating systems without the need to rewrite special drivers. Furthermore, the serial devices can communicate peer to peer eliminating the need for host PCs and software programming.

The one port EKI-1361-MB and two port EKI-1362-MB versions utilise serial DB9 ports with 15kV ESD protection and allow commands to be issued from either the wireless side or, the serial side using bilateral data transmission.

With an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and wide 12V to 48V DC redundant dual inputs, both the EKI-1361-MB and EKI-1362-MB wireless Modbus gateways are suitable for use in remote monitoring environments such as security systems, factory automation, SCADA, intelligent transportation and many more.

For more information, you can contact our team or visit our dedicated product pages for the EKI-1361-MB and EKI-1362-MB wireless Modbus gateways.
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