ITA-5231 - EN 50155 Rack Systems for Rail Applications

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Author: James Gane
ITA-5231 - EN 50155 Rack Systems for Rail Applications
The ITA-5231 is an onboard 2U 19" fanless rack-mount computer series from Advantech for in-train applications like CCTV surveillance and monitoring. It is ruggedised and tested to make sure it can function in adverse conditions where shock, vibration and temperature changes are prevalent.

The ITA-5231 series

The ITA-5231 is built around the Intel Skylake-H processing platform with up to 16GB of onboard DDR4 and an additional SO-DIMM slot for memory expansion. With three Gigabit Ethernet ports and on some versions, two 10Gigabit Ethernet ports the ITA-5231 ensures connection speeds offering real-time transmission of vehicle information and video streams. For device I/O, there is a DVI-D signal interface, two USB3.0 ports, one M12 A-coded USB2.0 port, two isolated serial ports and 8-channel isolated DIO (4-in/4-out). Additional comms are achievable through three MiniPCI Express slots for wireless and dual SIM slots for cellular connectivity. 

With EN 50155 compliance, the ITA-5231 is rated for extended operational temperatures of -40°C to +70°C and has an RTC backup battery in case of supply change over or brief power outage. The front-facing I/O which is commonplace in systems designed for in-vehicle use are ruggedised with M12 connectors to ensure connectivity can be maintained. For customisation, there are four modular slots that system integrators can use to fine-tune the purpose of the system. There are choices of additional batteries for redundancy in case of longer power outages, extra Gigabit Ethernet ports, Gigabit PoE ports, isolated CAN and isolated serial interfaces. 

In addition to the standard ITA-5231 model, there are -S and -W versions which share the main features of the base model but have been modified to meet more specific applications. The ITA-5231S model focuses on surveillance by switching out some of the modular slots for additional storage, supporting up to four hot-swappable 2.5" SATA drives. The ITA-5231W model has a focus on cellular connectivity replacing the modular expansion slots with additional cellular support offering up to 18x SMA antennas and supporting 12x SIM cards for large scale comms.

What is EN 50155?

EN 50155 is a European standard defining the design, operation, construction, and testing of electronic devices intended for use on rolling stock or in railway applications. Advantech’s ITA-5231 series of fanless rack-mount computers not only conforms to EN 50155 standards but has a range of features perfect for the latest rail application demands.

Whilst EN 50155 certification is not compulsory like other certificates, it does clearly define the operational conditions that systems are likely to face in rail applications and environments. When designing a system for deployment into a rail car, wagon, or locomotive, system integrators have to consider environmental factors like shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures as well as power concerns like variations in voltage, power outage, power surge, and supply changeover conditions. The EN 50155 marking offers system builders and integrators confidence that the system is able to withstand the adverse environmental factors that occur in normal operation without malfunction or system failure.

Our Industrial Computing capabilities

Impulse can help you design and configure the ITA-5231 with your choice of processor, memory, peripherals, storage and operating system at our UK-based engineering facility. 

With our Industrial Computing capabilities, we can create reliable, repeatable and revision controlled systems time and time again, aimed at reducing your overall project costs and development time. With our team of in-house engineers and specialists, all with decades of experience, we can offer you fully deployable industrial computing solutions straight out of the box.

For more details on our capabilities in industrial computing please click here.
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