Meeting the demands of modern IoT with Intel 10nm Tiger Lake processors

Author: James Gane
Meeting the demands of modern IoT with Intel 10nm Tiger Lake processors
  • Up to 23% performance boost over previous Intel Core processor.
  • Nearly 3 times the graphics performance of 8th Gen.
  • 8-bit integer algorithms for accelerated AI inference and computer vision applications.
Built on the Intel 3rd generation of 10nm microarchitecture processors, these 11th Gen. Intel Core CPUs offer up to 23% improvement in single-threaded and up to 19% in multi-threaded performance vs. the previous 8th Gen. “Whiskey Lake” Intel Core processor.

With on-board Intel Iris Xe graphics providing up to 96 execution units, Intel 10nm Tiger Lake processors deliver up to 2.95 times the graphics performance of previous 8th Gen Intel Core processors, and with up to 96 execution units on the GPU able to run 8-bit integer algorithms, Intel 10nm Tiger Lake processors are perfectly geared up for accelerated AI inference and computer vision applications.

Intel 11th Gen. Core i7/i5/3 embedded processors have been optimised for IoT markets, these low power CPUs combine high-performance processing with Intel Iris Xe graphics and integrated AI processing to meet the ever-increasing demands of IoT in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. 

Key features:
  • Up to 4 cores, 4.40GHz turbo boost speeds and 12MB cache
  • DDR4 and LPDDR4x memory support
  • Iris Xe graphics offering up to 96 execution units 
  • Multi-display support capable of up to two channels of 8K60 or four channels of 4K60
  • Configurable 12, 15 and 28W TDP consumption
  • 2.5GbE Intel i225 network controller
  • Gigabit Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5 connectivity
  • PCIe 4.0, Thunderbolt 4 and USB4.0 support as standard
High-performance, low-power CPUs for commercial and industrial applications

High-performance, low-power CPUs for commercial and industrial applications

Industrial Solutions
Whether it's HMIs, industrial PCs or mission-critical control systems, Tiger Lake takes low-power, high-speed processing performance to a new level making it perfect for industrial applications from software-defined control systems with real-time processing through to prioritising and executing multiple workloads in smart control systems.

Drive Intelligent, Immersive Digital Signage
Iris Xe Graphics will deliver powerful 3D multi-display signage with up to 8K resolution whilst using analytics to help understand who, when and how your advertising is engaging with customers. 

Next-Generation Medical Imaging Devices
With Tiger Lake's support for up to four 4K, HDR displays the processors can help medical professionals with clear visuals, faster image processing and even provide more precise diagnostic assistance through computer vision and AI acceleration. 

Safety and Security
Iris Xe graphics can encode up to 40 individual 1080p video streams at 30 frames per second (fps), allowing you to capture and analyse video in real-time. Tiger Lake offers onboard AI inference, analytics and advanced object detection which can be leveraged to ensure workplace safety through detection of PPE gear.  


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