Microsoft announces Windows 11 IoT Enterprise

Author: James Gane
Microsoft announces Windows 11 IoT Enterprise
On the 4th of October 2021, Microsoft announced that Windows for IoT will be releasing a new version of its product family. Following the recent confirmation of Windows Server IoT 2022, Windows 11 IoT Enterprise marks an ongoing commitment by Microsoft to innovate and deliver new functionalities to IoT applications.
Back in February 2021, there was an announcement that there will be a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC in the second half (H2) of the calendar, so the announcement of Windows 11 IoT so close to that announcement has come as a bit of a surprise. In a press release from Microsoft, they have confirmed that they are committed and remain on track to release a new version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC with a full 10-year support cycle in the coming weeks. However, this latest Windows 11 IoT Enterprise release is not intended for the LTSC release and therefore will have a servicing timeline of 36 months from the month of its launch.

What is new in Windows 11 IoT Enterprise?

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise will deliver new features and functionality that will enable the Windows IoT Ecosystem to innovate modern interconnected devices.

Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI
With Windows 11 IoT Enterprise, customers will be able to take advantage of the Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI (WSLg), a hotly anticipated feature that brings Linux GUI applications to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
At present, WSL lets you run a Linux environment, and up until this point has focused on enabling command-line tools, utilities, and applications. GUI app support enables the use of Linux GUI applications with WSL.
Windows 11 IoT Enterprise brings support to Universal Serial Bus 4 (USB4.0) offering 20Gbps transfer speeds. Whilst USB4.0 is not widely featured on embedded boards and computers, with confirmation of this support from Microsoft, we expect it to start showing up on new board and system specifications throughout 2022.
Wi-Fi 6E
Windows 11 IoT Enterprise brings Wi-Fi 6E support to IoT devices. Wi-Fi 6E offers better wireless coverage and performance with added security.
Newly designed modern user interface
One of the more interesting features of the Windows 11 IoT Enterprise operating system is the new user interface. Its sleek, modern and refreshing design has been redesigned from the ground up with ease of access and improved productivity driving the design.
Building more accessible IoT devices
Windows 11 has been inclusively designed with new improvements for accessibility, built for and by people with disabilities with the aim of aiding device manufacturers to develop, design and deploy IoT devices with better accessibility for everyone.

For information about Windows 11 and the hardware requirements see Windows 11 and Embedded Systems – What You Should Know.

More information on Windows 11 IoT Enterprise

According to Microsoft, here are the expected release dates of these upcoming OS ....

Windows 11: October 5, 2021
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021: Before the end of 2021
Windows 11 Pro: likely December but possibly as early as October 2021
Windows 10 Pro End of Life: October 2025
Windows 11 IoT: Early 2022

In addition, Microsoft have extended the support of their existing OS .....

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2016: Extended support until the end of 2026
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2019: Extended support until the end of 2029

For more information about Windows 11 IoT Enterprise and the future of IoT development on the platform, there will be a Windows for IoT Launch Summit on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021. This summit will be discussing the new OS in detail and it's functionalities in the upcoming release including IoT device security and how using AI can help you at the Edge with Windows for IoT.

This virtual event is open to anyone and will be repeated twice to accommodate our global time zones.  You can register to attend the event which is free of charge and takes place at 15:00 GMT here.

Windows 11 developments at Impulse

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