Monitor critical processes with Axiomtek's range of Yocto based IIoT Gateways

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Monitor critical processes with Axiomtek's range of Yocto based IIoT Gateways
In this second part of our IIoT RISC Assessment series we introduce you to a range of Axiomtek IIoT gateways supported by an embedded Yocto Linux operating system.
As an IIoT developer, you might often be faced with many options when it comes to choosing the right operating system to support your designs, and decisions on which hardware to use can also have an impact on the success of a project.

If you have the flexibility to choose the different components best suited for the overall design, you’ve probably already researched and highlighted the options that are appropriate for your project requirements. But, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to know that you’ve definitely covered all bases when it comes to choosing the right solution.


A Yocto overview

If you want proven technology designed for long-term use that is flexible, adaptable, compact and easily deployed, then Yocto might be for you.

Why Yocto?

  • Proven technology, designed for long-term use. The build tool and package metadata has been used widely for over 10 years
  • Can be installed on standard hardware without any special requirement
  • No restrictions in its use, the Yocto build system is General Public License so there are no terms to agree to
  • Stable platform with six monthly release cycle with maintained release branches
  • Flexible, adaptable, compact and easily deployed

The Yocto Bitbake task execution system is robust and practical and one of the main reasons that it is so widely used in the embedded software industry. Product development in the IIoT space is incredibly fast and many devices have feature sets that benefit from a Linux implementation. Yocto's wide variety of features, expandability and tight control over the contents of the target image make it ideally suited for projects in these spaces and is certainly worth considering as a basis for IIoT projects. The Yocto project could definitely be considered a solid option for most embedded projects, serving as an excellent base for developing bespoke IIoT platforms.  

What the Axiomtek range has to offer

Feature-rich, cost effective IIoT gateways

The IRU and IFB ranges of RISC-based DIN-rail fanless embedded gateways are designed to meet the needs of mission critical applications. With a combination of robust features, high-quality and durability, they are suitable for a variety of challenging industrial applications.

With robust features, the IRU/IFB range of IIoT gateways are a high-quality yet cost effective choice from Axiomtek, using an embedded Yocto Linux operating system that offers increased functionality to monitor critical processes in industrial IoT applications. Whatever the requirement, Axiomtek cover a lot of bases with these feature-rich gateways which makes them an attractive solution for automated machinery, remote monitoring and control room applications.


Axiomtek IRU range

IRU151/IRU152 with analog and digital I/O :

If you want a gateway device with GUI, the IRU152 and IRU151 from Axiomtek both come equipped with embedded math functions to create visual representations of critical data. These application ready, compact and robust embedded PCs are based on the energy efficient NXP RISC ARM Cortex-A7 i.MX6UltraLite 528MHz embedded processor and boast 8GB eMMC flash onboard, allowing users to install the operating system and application directly to the device, eliminating the need for additional external storage.

With on-board isolated 250kHz analog inputs (125kHz for the IRU151), these feature-rich compact devices boast digital I/O and serial and Ethernet ports designed to withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to +70°C  making it an ideal consideration as a control box or industrial IoT gateway device such as ones found in building and factory automation applications.

IRU131 with two wireless/cellular sockets:

For users who don’t require analogue input channels or GUI, Axiomtek provides a great alternative with the IRU131. Featuring two wireless/cellular sockets enabling high level communication with peripherals and accessories across industrial environments, the IRU131 comprises two power paths input, minimising the risk of data loss in the event of a single power failure and providing added peace of mind for users.

Additionally, its DIN-rail form factor makes fitting the device in to a small cabinet effortless, making it perfect for control rooms and industrial automation.  


IFB range

IFB122/IFB125 with digital I/O :

In contrast to Axiomtek’s range of Industrial IRU’s, the IFB range of devices offers a smaller footprint and lower cost owing to the removal of the analog I/O, making it ideal for digital I/O monitoring such as alarm status.

These robust yet compact, fanless embedded RISC-based devices have a lot to offer to users looking to implement remote control/monitoring applications. Utilising an embedded Yocto Linux operating system, and wireless enabled, with built in LED for user programming, the IFB122 and IFB125 are almost identical in their offerings, aside from their available I/O. Whilst the IFB122 offers two RS232/422/485 serial ports, the IFB125 has one RS232/422/485 serial port, one SPI and one I²C.

IFB112 with CANBus 2.0B enabled:

Axiomtek’s IFB112 fanless embedded system is an ideal solution for users looking to minimise the cost and effort involved in building industrial IoT applications. For users wanting to expand their IIoT project to include automotive applications, the Axiomtek IFB112 is an ideal choice.

Comprising two LANs and one CANBus 2.0B port to facilitate fast and efficient data acquisition and communication, the compact IFB112 industrial grade device comes complete with Yocto Linux to provide an open operating system suitable for software programme development.

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