MOXA AeroLink protection offers redundancy for wireless applications

News20 Jul 2015
Reliable AeroLink protection technology maximises system uptime
Reliable wireless connection redundancy can ensure a robust wireless bridge solution and prevent system downtime from single device or frequency related failure. Moxa’s innovative AeroLink protection technology provides a smart failover method with fast recovery time. It is scalability which makes it simple to enable multiple layers of wireless connectivity protection, thus maximising mission critical system uptime and keeping the entire network alive for continuous transmission.

AeroLink protection technology is available now in the first of Moxa’s new generation of A-Series AeroLink protection enabled devices, the AWK-3131A and AWK-3121-RTG Industrial IEEE 802.11n Wireless AP / Bridge / Clients.

The video below from Moxa provides more details on their AeroLink technology

In industrial communication applications for off shore oil platforms, or train to ground communications, a reliable wireless bridge is essential to minimise system downtime and maximise system availability.

Moxa’s AeroLink Protection provides a reliable wireless bridge between two networks. When using older wireless bridge technology or WDS connections, the link is exposed to at least one of two types of risks, device failure and/or wireless link failure.

With AeroLink protection, a network has two or more AeroLink protection enabled wireless client nodes connected to a single access point.

One serves as the active node, while the others are passive, backup nodes. If the active node stops sending or receiving data for any reason, AeroLink protection completely restores the communication link within 300ms by bringing backup nodes online. This includes the time required for network convergence and Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) update.

Unbreakable wireless networks

AeroLink protection not only guards against both device and wireless link failure, but also offers the ability to scale
up your redundancy paths by adding additional hardware providing even stronger protection for your wireless bridge
network when needed. If even more robust resistance to radio frequency interference is required, three or more
different backup frequencies can be used, when the 5GHz range is available.

AeroLink protection offers cast iron redundancy by automatically handling both device failure and radio interference.
Relying on industry standards for security and interoperability, it offers simple plug and play setup and configuration
working well with existing networks. AeroLink protection is modular and scalable, offering anything from basic
redundant wireless bridges to increasingly robust wireless network configurations for more demanding environments.

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