Nokia hoping to unlock Industry 4.0 innovation

News30 May 2019IIoT
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Anyone even remotely involved with industrial computing will know IIoT is expanding, bringing with it a new world of connectivity and capabilities. With Nokia having cemented themselves as one of the key global network providers, they are positioning themselves to grasp the Industry 4.0 nettle, and push the boundaries of connectivity in manufacturing and automation in the next decade.
Speaking to TechRadar, Richard Kitts, Nokia’s head of enterprise and IIoT in global services said, “We talk about Industry 4.0 as a wave of change - of course it's going to go through the industry, but it's also going to touch everything else.”
When we think of Nokia we generally associate them with the world of commercial electronics and connectivity, but with Industry 4.0 and IIoT now pushing to the forefront of technology, they are solidifying their role as key players in industry and developing the infrastructure required to connect an estimated trillion dollars’ worth of global devices.
“Often when people say IoT, customers get a bit worried as it's such a big topic,” he continued, “but we're very specific, and we can say, what processes or activity do you want to automate, what's your drive for automation?
“Normally, it's a mixture of efficiency, in terms of doing it cheaper, plus it's also the quality, the time, and removing human error - and thirdly innovation, because you can actually do something now in a way that your competition can't.
In order to do this, you need the devices, the integration, and the capability - and that's what we bring to the market"

Speaking of manufacturing in particular, he went on to say, “If you can imagine in a factory as an example, there's a few things you need, such as very fast connectivity, and you need very accurate positioning information - if you've got those two things, you know where your assets are in the factory and where they are in the process.
“It's going to create an ecosystem of innovation that we haven't managed to unlock in the past.”

5G has been a hot topic for some time now, and Richard feels Nokia are uniquely positioned to enable the integration of the new technology, which will be pivotal in taking manufacturing and automation to the next level.
“The great thing about 5G is that it can probably outstrip your imagination,” Kitts says, noting that Nokia is, “more than laser-focused on 5G... we see it as the key enabling technology for Industry 4.0.
“It's going to be a very exciting time, our business is really going to change.”
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MediaNewsNokia hoping to unlock Industry 4.0 innovation
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