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Powered By Advantech, Built By Impulse
At Impulse we’ve been building Industrial Rack Computers for over 25 years, and our recent move to a new purpose-built facility has increased our engineering and warehousing capacity fivefold. Through our long standing technology partnership with Advantech, the worlds #1 manufacturer of Industrial Computers, Impulse are launching a new range of custom built Industrial Computers to the UK market. Utilising our increased capacity, these systems will be available to configure online, will be built and stocked in the UK and will be delivered to our customers in a matter of days. 

The Amazon Effect

2020 has been a challenging year and the effect it’s had on the way our customers want to buy our products has been quite profound. In the consumer world national lockdowns have accelerated the transition to online shopping immeasurably. ‘The Amazon effect’ now means our customers expect product in days, rather than the weeks and months they were previously willing to wait.

Back in 2019 we took the decision to increase our stockholding considerably. Initially it was driven by our customers’ desire for fast deliveries of networking and I/O spares orders, but in 2020 it quickly became apparent that our OEM customer base also expected that level of service for industrial and embedded computers.

With Brexit looming, and the potential of a no-deal becoming more and more realistic, our rack PC customers were starting to ask about the potential impact on transit times knowing Industrial Computing stock is often kept in Europe or further afield.

We began talks with Advantech about a new model for UK stocked and built Industrial Rack Computers, and it was from those conversations that the VELA Rack and Powered by Advantech program was born.

VELA, Powered by Advantech

The whole concept behind the VELA industrial computer range is to react to customer demand. We have committed to large UK stocks, enabling our customers to configure their own system via our website, for delivery within a few days. Our range of VELA Rack systems will cater for 95% of customer applications and provide a rock solid, powerful and flexible rack PC platform for customer projects with market leading warranty and support.

Of course there is always a system which needs additional expansion, configuration or even customisation, and we can cater for that to, albeit with a small increase in delivery times due to the deeper customer conversations required at the design stage, and potential for extended lead times for components we aren’t currently holding in stock. 

Our VELA range is available to configure online in 2U, 4U rack-mount as well as industrial tower formats with both 6th Generation Skylake and 9th Generation Coffee Lake Intel Core platforms. This gives backwards compatibility with Windows 7 on Skylake platforms through to server grade OS support on Coffee Lake systems.

For more information on our VELA Rack range or indeed any of our products and services, please feel free to get in touch.
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