We are excited to introduce you to our new website

This year marks our 25th year in business, and what better way to kick start the next chapter than with the launch of a new website?

The industrial market is forever changing, and as a company we’ve grown with the market to where we are today. This new website demonstrates our strengths in the industrial marketplace, and helps showcase our brand.

What's new on our site?

A clean design and intuitive navigation ensures you can find your way round with ease, as well as being fully responsive with mobile devices.

It’s not just about the design though, it’s about demonstrating that we understand our customers in the industrial market and showcasing what we do best as a company to help your project.

We’ve got lots of exciting new content on the website, including a clear message of who we are, and how we partner with global manufacturers in order to bring the latest technology to market.

Market specific products and services

Our re-vamped markets and applications pages will tell you everything you need to know about how we can help your specific projects. We've introduced case studies, popular products and dedicated services so you can see exactly where we can add value in your market sector.

Since 1993, we've developed our technical and logistic capabilites, and in our new services section you can now get a better understanding of how we can use these capbilities to help develop and support your project. From our specialist distribution services and industrial networking support, all the way through to our BTOS and DTOS capabilities, we have experience in every facet of the industrial computing industry.

And, to make it easier for you to get to the products you need, we've re-categorised all of our products in to four easy sections. Head over to our brand new products section now and start browsing.

So, what's next?

We are continuing to develop the new site, ensuring we carry on adding interesting and industry specific content for you to read. If you register on our site you'll soon be able to access some advanced dashboard features, including the ability to view your recent quotes and orders, as well as save your favourite Impulse content to share with your own network.

Coming soon.... keep a look out for the 'Buy now' button on selected products as our brand new shop is set to go live in the coming weeks.
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MediaNewsWe are excited to introduce you to our new website
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