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Reliable, repeatable and robust

Developing the perfect computing solution for an industrial application can be difficult, costly and time consuming.  With Impulse we can build and configure you a full range of off-the-shelf systems from our standard product range including embedded PCs, single board computers, rack-mount and panel computers.

Our team of in-house engineers provide complete support when you need it most, creating reliable, repeatable and robust systems to help reduce your costs and development time whilst also increasing visibility of your brand.

With 70% of our staff dedicated to engineering project support, you can rely on us to support your project from concept to deployment, and beyond.

Four steps to build your system

Choose your core platform
With over 25 years experience, Impulse can help you select the ideal embedded board, box computer, touch panel PC or rack computer for your application, environment and industry demands.
Specify components and peripherals
We listen to your processor, GPU, storage, peripherals and operating system requirements and offer advice to develop an application ready bill of materials.
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We create a build specification
Each system we produce has a documented photographic build specification created and signed off by our engineers and then most importantly by you, ensuring you receive identical systems every time you order.
We build your system
We build all systems using repeatable and robust processes developed over the past two decades. To protect critical components our entire engineering facility is an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA).
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Load operating system and BIOS
We can create a custom embedded operating system utilising features that harden and protect your system from many of the failure modes that are typical with desktop operating systems. We also work with you to preconfigure any BIOS defaults based on your application demands.
Deploy your application software
If required, we can preload your application software and settings and document these variables in our system build specification. Then, after thorough test and quality procedures, create a 'golden image' with O/S, software and settings loaded to further reduce your time to market and guarantee repeatability.
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Fully tested prior to despatch
All of our systems are fully soak tested and if necessary, load tested prior to shipment including any custom hardware or software test routines that you might like us to complete on your behalf.
Call-off and stock holding
For OEMs and integrators with a requirement for continuous supply of product, we will build, test and stock your systems ready for call off. This reduces lead time on new system installs and allows same or next day delivery for in service swap outs.
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Featured Case study
Bespoke rack-mount PC with vibration and shock protection for in-vehicle control application
Rack mount PCs
Our customer in the transportation industry needed a high performance rack mount PC for an in-vehicle control application. As the system would be deployed in rugged environments, the customer required shock and vibration protection, and because rack mount PCs are generally designed to be installed in fixed and stable environments, Impulse had to create a bespoke system suitable for the applica...
Featured Case study
OS update enhances medical equipment for leading medical manufacturer
Medical and Pharmace...
Leading global medical & commercial manufacturer Morgan Innovation approached us with a project to provide a long term solution in reducing the start-up times of their existing spinal nerve ablation machinery.
Featured Case study
High quality custom touch display solution for mixing desk application
A leading global manufacturer of mixing desks for the music industry approached us with a project that required a high quality touch display, with precise viewing angles needed to provide the audio engineer operating the desk excellent visibility of the display screen from both a seated and standing position.
Featured Case study
Single rack-mount computer aids multi UAV control server for aerial site intelligence application
Defence and Security
Our customer, a leading manufacturer in the defence and security sector, required a single rack-mount chassis to house four separate computers, each with high performance system architectures, specific connectivity requirements and redundancy options designed as a multi UAV control server for an aerial site intelligence application.
Featured Case study
Specialist computing platform for leading UAV OEM
Defence and Security
Our customer in the Defence & Security industry required a light and small form factor box PC for guidance systems of unmanned vehicles, rugged enough to withstand shock and vibration. As the unmanned vehicles are often battery powered, low power consumption and weight were required to allow a saving in efficiency, ultimately leading to longer service time per mission.
Featured Case study
Powerful data acquisition & control for engine test authority
Our customer, a leading automotive test authority based in the UK, needed a cost effective data acquisition and control system for a new engine test cell that they were developing. The system needed to be used with an off the shelf powerful software system in order to move away from complex custom software with expensive options such as Labview.
Featured Case study
Bespoke IP69K panel PCs provided for demanding food manufacturing infrastructure
Due to extreme temperatures and constant moisture exposure, maintaining the performance of industrial computers in the harsh environments of food processing factories can be a challenge.
Featured Case study
Compact embedded boards help manage high-definition imagery for UAV detection equipment
Defence and Security
Our customer in the Defence and Security sector manufacture UAV detection equipment to identify moving targets in remote locations prone to extreme high temperatures. High definition 4k video images from these UAV detection units are streamed back to base allowing data analysts to determine whether the targets would need to be neutralised.
Featured Case study
Flexible embedded vision computer for automated inspection systems
Vision Automation
Our customer, a leading global system integrator who installs vision inspection systems onto automotive production lines, needed an embedded computing platform to use as their standard vision computer to improve production efficiency for a variety of applications.
Did you know?
70% of our workforce are dedicated to engineering and projects.
Did you know?
We build, configure and deliver over 2000 industrial and embedded computing systems per year.
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T: +44 (0)1782 337 800 • E: SALES@IMPULSE-EMBEDDED.CO.UK
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