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Custom devices, on budget and on time

As the industrial computing industry evolves, so do the requirements for intelligent, cutting edge solutions in industrial applications.

With topologies and hardware necessities becoming ever more complex, it can be tricky to find exactly what you’re looking for with an off-the-shelf solution. Our team of highly-skilled engineers can work alongside you to design and deliver bespoke computing devices for industrial requirements to your exact specification, helping you to bring your product to market on time and within budget.

Custom systems, built to order

Can we help?
Do you need your system to do a specific job and you can't find it on the shelf anywhere? Impulse can take existing electronic products and redesign or customise them to create a bespoke device unique to your requirements.
What can we design?
If the device you are looking to produce incorporates computing, networking, I/O or display technology, then we can help you develop and manufacture it helping you to bring it to market on-time and on-budget.
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How we design
Talk with our technical sales team about your exact specifications and intended application and we can tell you whether the project is within our scope. We can also come to visit you to get a real understanding of your needs before making any proposal.
Pricing and concept
If the project is within our scope, we'll produce an initial concept and estimated pricing before you pay anything. This way you can weigh up all the options and make sure you are comfortable before deciding whether to engage us.
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When you place an order for the first engineering sample, we deliver the sample and together discuss any additions and amendments required before moving forward to final testing and mass production.
Once we finalise the design we offer various safety and technical testing services depending on your requirements and the scope of work. Whether this is EMC, CE, DNV, eMark or simple power consumption and compatibility we can help.
Do you want to know about our electronic prototyping and fabrication capabilities?
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We can provide you with all necessary documentation for your technical files, along with, where applicable, all relevant industry bodies and certifications.
Once a design is finalised and a part code assigned, we can move into mass production. We handle full buy and build along with obsolesence control and deliver finished units based on your schedule.
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Trusted by
Our DTOS service is trusted by many global brands.
Featured Case study
Bespoke rack-mount cases for leading CCTV solutions provider
Rack mount PCs
A market-leading CCTV solutions provider approached Impulse Embedded to help develop a number of hardware platforms for their central data storage servers.  As these servers operated 24/7 and needed to handle a large amount of data, the solution needed to be robust enough to withstand the conditions in a wide variety of control room environments.
Featured Case study
LCDs with real-time power switching for HV substation installation
Power and Energy
Our customer is a tier one system integrator in the substation automation market with many of the worlds TSOs and DSOs listed as their clients. They required a number of custom designed rack-mount LCDs for use in their HV substation projects.
Did you know?
Our embedded computers power 1000s of medical devices deployed in hospitals globally.
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Did you know?
We have 3D modelling and fabrication capabilities to allow truly unique device development.
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T: +44 (0)1782 337 800 • E: SALES@IMPULSE-EMBEDDED.CO.UK
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