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Impulse engineers and specialists have the industry insight and technology know-how for upstream and downstream environments with complex operational challenges.

A growing focus on reduced environmental impact and new disruptive challengers are just some of the factors driving transformation in the Oil & Gas industry. Add to this the growth of new technologies such as robotics and AI and it’s clear that a new playing field is emerging while safety, legal, commercial and financial pressures continue to drive the operational agenda.

Working with OEMs and service companies, Impulse combines expertise with technology partnerships to offer class-leading devices to integrators who want reliable, repeatable and robust solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

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We work with OEMs and service companies to support a variety of applications in the Oil & Gas industry. Over the years, we've supplied hardware for projects in exploration and discovery (upstream), transportation, storage and processing (midstream) and refinery, sales and marketing (downstream). Our range of I/O, networking, computing and display products are pre-certified to relevant market standards providing application ready devices for integration into your system.
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Oil well optimisation
Upstream monitoring and optimsation applications require the remote acquisition of real world values such as flow, temperature and pressure. Sensors are often located in extremely harsh environments, so data acquisition and control hardware needs to be suitably rugged with a reliable means of communication and a widely adopted protocol. Impulse have a range of wide temperature, Class 1, Division 2 certified products suitable for the systems integrator or OEM.
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Structural Monitoring
The ability to remotely monitor variables such as strain, pressure, movement and rotation in real-time are all features of an IIoT enabled structural health system. If you are an integrator or OEM embarking on your next structural monitoring project, then get in touch as we have a range of devices which could be of interest.
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Pipeline monitoring
To ensure transmission quality in oil and gas pipelines, our customers deploy a wide variety of monitoring and control systems utilising our hardware for data acquisition, control and communication. Our devices are integrated into systems performing leak detection, remote monitoring, cathodic protection and, more recently, wireless sensor networks. Our customers choose us because we provide cutting edge hardware and support to system integrators and OEMs for their projects.
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Tank Gauging
As part of the process of measuring liquids in large volume storage tanks, known as tank gauging, various measurements are taken such as pressure, level and temperature in order to determine the state of the liquid. Impulse have supplied and built touch panel computers, data acquisition systems (DAQ), IIoT gateways and industrial Ethernet devices which have all been successfully integrated into various tank gauging systems.
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Hand picked products for Oil & Gas
A selection of products which our customers developing systems for oil and gas applications might find interesting
Did you know?
Our products are integrated into one of the most advanced well optimisation systems in the world.
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