High-quality embedded hardware powers body scanners for the Global Security market

Technology manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to improve global security systems by developing innovative solutions that address the sensitive nature of public safety.
A leading technology company who develop and manufacture screening technology for the global security market approached Impulse with a project that involved high-quality embedded hardware for a portable body scanner aimed at monitoring security threats in public places.

The covert body scanning unit, which can see through clothing, aims to detect larger concealed objects such as explosive vests and firearms, all of which can pose a significant threat to the general public meaning quality and reliability were key.

The customers’ project requirements were for a high performance, low power yet rugged embedded computer with a small footprint due to size limitations and in order to fit neatly inside the portable unit.

In order to facilitate these requirements, a compact single board computer from global manufacturing partner AAEON was chosen as the best suited embedded solution for such a confined environment. The requirement for high performance was met with a 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor, integrated chipset, and 8GB of DRAM. To accommodate such a small enclosure, the unit also includes a heat spreader rather than an active cooler, enabling effective heat dissipation and vertical space reduction.

In addition, Impulse Embedded also offered a custom operating system for increased reliability and performance, essential for mission critical applications.

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