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Impulse engineers and specialists have the industry insight and technology know-how to support and advance the Defence & Security industry.

Whether it’s computing, control or communications applications it’s difficult to imagine a more demanding environment than that faced by the Defence & Security industry. The choice and deployment of devices and solutions also has to be tempered with cost, performance and reliability considerations and the confidence of knowing that technology lifecycles can be anticipated and managed with trust and efficiency.

Working with OEMs and service companies, Impulse combines expertise with technology partnerships to offer class-leading devices and solutions for the Defence & Security industry.

Industrial products for defence applications

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Over the years we have built hundreds of computer systems for Defence and Security OEMs and System Integrators. We offer a range of custom build computers that can be entirely specified and tailored by our customers giving a perfect fit to project specifications for not only electrical and computing characteristics but also for environmental extremes. We also offer a range of data communication products and peripherals perfectly suited to this market but as no two projects are the same, talk to one of our technical sales team to find out more.
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