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Impulse engineers and specialists have the industry insight and technology know-how to help enhance and transform Manufacturing industry operations.

Manufacturing is a diverse industry but when it comes to technology there are common care abouts and essentials. Investments in computing, control or communications solutions are expected to not only enhance operational efficiencies and capabilities but also transform them wherever possible. And while reliability and robustness are key to the choice of devices and development of solutions, repeatability is also key to future planning and lifecycle management.

Working with OEMs and service companies, Impulse combines expertise with technology partnerships to offer class-leading devices and solutions for the Manufacturing industry.

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Industry 4.0
Food production
For many years we have supplied some of the largest food manufacturers in the UK and Ireland with stainless steel touch screen panel PCs. Our products are placed in some of the harshest food manufacturing environments which means daily temperature shock, chemical wash down and near freezing ambient temperatures. Impulse have extensive experience in recommending products to visualise production planning and factory floor data in a food production environment.
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Machine Connectivity
If you have a range of serial based devices requiring connection to the factory network for monitoring and production data, the options for wired and wireless connectivity combined with the different operating modes of these devices can be confusing. Whether your aim is to connect a legacy machine to your network, transfer CNC programs wirelessly to the factory floor or to gather production data from robot cells and pass it to your ERP system, we can help find a solution.
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Autonomously guided vehicles
As the demand for more options on standard products increases, smart production lines need to ensure parts for various orders are located and delivered to each assembly bay to avoid production downtime. Autonomous vehicles offer a reliable solution to fetch and deliver in small and large-scale distribution hubs like the ones that Amazon and Ocado operate. We have a range of products for the AGV OEM and integrator ranging from industrial Wi-Fi devices through to SBCs and SoMs.
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Industry 4.0
Connecting the Unconnected, Protocol Interoperability, Cyber Security and OEE are four hot topics when considering Industry 4.0 and the modern, smart, connected factory. But how do we address these topics? You can talk to one of our field application engineers, as they have the expertise coupled with manufacturing and device knowledge to be able to solve these problems in a much simpler way than imagined. Together we can bridge the gap between OT and IT.
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Our IP69K stainless steel HMIs help to track over 1.8M livestock per year at one of Europe's largest lamb processors.
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