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Cisco Cyber Vision

Visibility & Security Platform for the Industrial IoT

What is Cyber Vision?

A suite of products and services aimed at providing OT network visibility and actionable insights.

The visibility offered by Cisco Cyber Vision enables three key value propositions:

Improve network performance and security by identifying all devices connected to your industrial network, to drive segmentation projects and troubleshoot issues.

Monitor all OT events to spot device problems before they disrupt production and troubleshoot operational issues faster.

Reduce the attack surface. Identify risks to take corrective actions and implement best practices to maintain system integrity and production continuity.

What are the benefits?

Gain visibility on OT network devices and communications
Highlight security issues
Identify and prioritise risks
Gain insights into the industrial process
Offer initial inputs for a formal risk assessment
Help IT and OT teams collaborate towards a shared goal

Book a Cisco Cyber Vision assessment.

Our process

Available to all Impulse customers, our Cyber Vision assessment is the first step to visualising and understanding your OT network and assets, at the end of the process you will be in a position to make informed decisions about the future of your OT network.



The initial conversation between your key network support contact and our internal Cisco certified engineer is to discuss the expectations of the Cyber Vision deployment. We will work to comprise a list of required information prior to the start, ensuring all areas are covered.



When all parties are clear on what the Cyber Vision assessment involves, we will have in-depth discussions with all of your business stakeholders to determine and agree on the objectives and success criteria, along with defining the project timeline, schedule and any associated costs.



When everyone's expectations are clear, it is time to get your technical team involved, along with your key support contact and Impulse engineers to create a high-level map of the OT network and to decide on the most effective position to implement the Cyber Vision sensors. It is also a suitable time to discuss any top cyber security concerns your business may have.



With the Cyber Vision sensors installed and running, Impulse engineers will collect the data and review the initial findings with your technical team and answer any questions that may arise from these findings. It is also a suitable time to make any minor changes to the process including re-positioning any sensors.



With all parties satisfied with the process and initial findings, Impulse engineers will review the data collected from the sensors, group all devices and create an overview map of all devices connected to the network. In depth analysis of all communication flows and vulnerabilities will be completed and a list of recommendations will be put together in a detailed report.



With the full report now ready, Impulse with organise a workshop with all your business stakeholders to review the findings, discuss any recommendations and decide on the next step. This can be done at your site or at our dedicated Innovation Hub in Staffordshire.



Business drivers

  • 5000 kms of gas pipes
  • 600 gas compression stations and gas storage sites
  • Low bandwidth network connections to central control room
  • Predominantly Rockwell PLCs and devices
  • Needed consolidated OT visibility to HQ and IT SOC integration

  • Cyber Vision Sensors deployed across the entire infrastructure to monitor 2,500 industrial control devices
  • Lightweight data sent to Cyber Vision Centre in HQ to save bandwidth
  • Integration with RSA NetWitness for IT SOC visibility

  • Cyber Vision was deployed in phases starting with a risk assessment to target high priority risks,
    then real-time anomaly detection and IT SOC integration
  • IT and OT teams now have accurate asset inventory and vulnerability data 
  • Cyber Vision reports incorporated into Operations maintenance plans
  • Delivered cybersecurity training to OT over lifetime of the project

Cisco Cyber Vision compatible devices

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Cisco Cyber Vision
8 Port Cisco Catalyst IE3400H Heavy Duty Managed Switch with 8x Fast Ethernet copper M12 D-Code ports
  • Device Type: Heavy Duty Industrial Layer...
  • Number of Ports: 8
  • Ethernet Ports: 8x M12 D-Coded
  • Ethernet Speed: 10/100BaseT(x)
  • Fibre Ports: N/A
  • Fibre Speed: N/A
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE): N/A
  • PoE Power Budget: N/A
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Cisco Cyber Vision
8 Port Cisco Catalyst IE3400H Heavy Duty Managed Switch with 8x Gigabit Ethernet copper M12 X-Code ports
  • Device Type: Heavy Duty Industrial Manag...
  • Number of Ports: 8
  • Ethernet Ports: 8x M12 X-Coded
  • Ethernet Speed: 10/100/1000BaseT(x)
  • Fibre Ports: N/A
  • Fibre Speed: N/A
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE): N/A
  • PoE Power Budget: N/A
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Cisco Cyber Vision
10 Port Cisco Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Managed Switch with 8x Gigabit copper, 2x 10Gigabit Fibre SFP+ ports and modular ex...
  • Device Type: Industrial Layer 2 Managed ...
  • Number of Ports: 10
  • Ethernet Ports: 8x RJ45
  • Ethernet Speed: 10/100/1000Base-Tx
  • Fibre Ports: 2x Mini-GBIC SFP+
  • Fibre Speed: 10 Gigabit
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE): N/A
  • PoE Power Budget: N/A
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Cisco Cyber Vision
10 port Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Managed switch with 8x Gigabit PoE, 2x Gigabit Fibre SFP ports and modular expansio...
  • Device Type: Industrial Layer 2 Managed ...
  • Number of Ports: 10
  • Ethernet Ports: 8x RJ45
  • Ethernet Speed: Gigabit
  • Fibre Ports: 2x Mini-GBIC SFP
  • Fibre Speed: Gigabit
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE): Yes
  • PoE Power Budget: 240W
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