Uninterrupted Ethernet Performance with MOXA's Modular Power Supply

News18 Jun 2024
Author: Louisa Rochford
Uninterrupted Ethernet Performance with MOXA's Modular Power Supply
  • Minimise Downtime
  • Enhance System Reliability and Redundancy
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Ease of Troubleshooting

The modular power supply, a unique design feature from MOXA for their EDS-4000 line of Ethernet switches, is a type of power supply unit (PSU) that’s designed to be easily replaced or upgraded with minimal downtime. This design is particularly beneficial in industrial applications, where reliability and the power of flexibility are necessary to maintain constant device operability.

What features of the modular power supply make it simply innovative and beneficial to industrial networks, and what solutions does it provide for common challenges?

Designed to Adapt

MOXA’s EDS-4000 series is designed with a modular power supply from the PWR-100 series, a distinctive feature that differentiates it from other industrial Ethernet switches. Put simply, if a power module in the EDS-4000 fails or needs an upgrade, it can be swapped out without replacing the entire switch. This makes it far easier to maintain and, in doing so, significantly reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

What Problems Can Be Solved with a Modular Power Supply?

EDS-4000 switches are built to be resilient even in rough industrial environments, and their modular power supply design contributes to this. By using MOXA’s modular power supply, industrial engineers can address several common issues with a simple yet innovative solution.

Some challenges that can be effectively solved by employing an Ethernet switch with MOXA’s modular power supply are:

1. Minimising Downtime (MTTR)

Issue: In industrial environments, equipment failure or maintenance often leads to network downtime, causing operational disruptions and potential financial losses.

Solution: Modular power supplies allow for hot swapping of power modules, so faulty modules can be replaced without needing to reconfigure the switch. This means you don't need to send a network engineer to configure the switch again as you would with replacing the entire unit, ensuring continuous network operation and significantly reducing mean time to repair (MTTR).

2. Enhancing System Reliability and Redundancy

Issue: Single points of failure in power supplies can lead to complete system outages, which are critical in environments requiring high availability.

Solution: The PWR-100 model power supply supports redundancy with two available power sources. If one power source fails, another can take over, providing an uninterrupted power supply and enhancing overall system reliability. This is crucial for maintaining continuous network connectivity in industrial settings where even a momentary loss of communication can lead to significant operational disruptions.

3. Reducing Maintenance Costs

Issue: Traditional power supplies require the entire unit to be replaced if one component fails, leading to higher maintenance costs and increased waste.

Solution: With a modular design, only the defective module needs to be replaced rather than the entire switch, significantly reducing maintenance costs and making repairs more economical.

4. Space Constraints

Issue: Industrial settings often have limited space for equipment, making it challenging to install and maintain bulky power supply units.

Solution: The PWR-100 modular power supplies are both compact and flexible in their orientation. Allowing the power supply to be oriented in different ways (horizontally or vertically) enables better utilisation of the available space in racks, cabinets, or other installation environments. This flexibility means that the power supply can fit into tight or irregularly shaped spaces, which might otherwise go unused. A power supply with flexible orientation can also more easily integrate into pre-existing systems without requiring major reconfiguration.

5. Ease of Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Issue: Identifying and fixing issues in a fixed, integrated power supply can be time-consuming and complex, leading to prolonged maintenance periods.

Solution: The modular power supply's simplified design makes maintenance more straightforward, meaning that when it comes time to replace the power supply, just about anyone can do it quickly and easily. Technicians can quickly identify and replace faulty modules, minimising downtime and enhancing overall system reliability.

Power Module Specs

The operating temperature of an industrial device is an important factor to consider, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments such as outdoor installations or facilities with significant temperature fluctuations. The operating temperature of the power module is dependent on the EDS-4000 module it’s installed in, and this range can reach as low as -40°C for specific models and as high as 75°C.

The power modules comply with key regulatory and industry certifications. These include CE (Conformité Européene) for their compliance with EU standards for safety, health, and environmental protection and FCC (Federal Communications Commission), indicating their compliance with the electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards in the United States.

In addition to these, the PWR-100 power modules are compliant with IEC 62368-1 Low Voltage Directive, a European Union directive aimed at ensuring that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits provides a high level of protection for users. These certifications attest to their safety and suitability for use in critical infrastructures such as power substations and transportation systems.

The robust design of the power modules ensures a high Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). MTBF is a measure of reliability, indicating the average time between failures for a device. MOXA, a well-regarded manufacturer of industrial networking and computing solutions, designs their power supplies to meet high reliability standards suitable for industrial applications. The PWR-100 series, like other MOXA products, is built to ensure durability under demanding conditions, which translates to fewer failures and longer operational life.

Modular Power for Maximum Uptime

MOXA's EDS-4000 series with modular power supply improves on typical switch designs with enhanced reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and the power of flexibility. With its design that meets industry standards and makes it possible to operate in the most demanding environments, the EDS-4000 series is a future-proof solution that addresses the advancing needs of industrial networks.

The ability to hot-swap power modules, coupled with the option for redundancy, ensures continuous operation and makes MOXA’s Ethernet switches a powerful choice for industrial applications. These attributes make MOXA a trusted partner for industrial networking devices that embody the four Rs: rugged, redundant, resilient, and reliable.

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