How to install Node-RED on an IIoT Gateway

How to install Node-RED on an IIoT Gateway
Node-RED is a simple yet powerful flow-based programing tool that allows you to collect data from new and legacy sensors, field devices and data points via a RISC or X86 computer platform, across all industries and application areas, and send relevant information to local and cloud dashboards and redirects to emails and social media. Primarily, it is a visual tool designed for the Internet of Things, but can also be used for other applications to very quickly assemble flows of various services.

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Installing Node-RED on an IIoT Gateway

We have created a free, easy-to-follow, step by step guide to installing Node-RED on a RISC Gateway, using the Moxa UC-3100.

In this white paper you will learn how to:
  • Connect to a Moxa UC-3111-LX ARM based universal computing platform (Based on Debian 9).
  • Make basic configuration changes to the device.
  • Install the components and software required to run your Node-RED instance.
  • Create a simple flow by adding and configuring function nodes to control the relay outputs and read the digital inputs of the Moxa ioLogik E1214.
  • Add function nodes to your flow to allow you to view your configuration as a simple Node-RED dashboard.
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