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Industrial Internet of Things

We offer a range of solutions to connect devices from the world of operational technology to people, cloud analytics and other 'things'. This is the Industrial Internet of Things.

Industrial Internet of Things

The building blocks
The term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) focuses those involved in what we traditionally called the embedded industry and gets us thinking about the components which make up a successful IIoT application; protocols, networks, M2M (Machine to Machine), big data, analytics and control from the cloud.

At Impulse we offer all the building blocks for IIoT projects, edge devices, converters, computers, networks and even SaaS and PaaS applications in cooperation with our trusted vendor partners.
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Edge computing
Edge and Fog computers are distinguishable from IIoT Gateways because they perform some processing and data storage.

They often need a greater level of performance whilst still being able to withstand the harsher environment at the edge. The ability to remotely monitor and manage this type of computer is also still desirable to reduce costly engineering visits.

Impulse offer a wide range of computers that meet these criteria which we can build, configure and test to your specification.
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IIoT Gateway
IIoT Gateways are hardware / software platforms that serve as the bridge between the cloud and edge devices such as sensors, intelligent devices and industrial controllers.

Their role is to send data northbound to private or public cloud infrastructure in a common format that can be interpreted and visualised by the analytic platform.

This means being protocol aware, connected, low power and able to host software on a variety of operating systems are desirable attributes of an IIoT gateway.
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Protocol conversion
IIoT projects can involve a wide range of protocols and therefore unifying edge data requires protocol conversion.

Hardware protocol gateways are extremely useful when combined with a packaged IIoT gateway using software such as ThingsPro. The protocol gateway takes care of Fieldbus to Modbus whilst the IIoT gateway takes care of Modbus to MQTT and northbound communication.

For protocol conversion integrated into a computing platform, then the Advantech iDoor solution is a great option.
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As a huge number of IIoT devices use very little data, LPWAN technologies such as SIGFOX, LoRA and LTE-m allow a cost effective and power efficient method for large numbers of remote sensor nodes to communicate.

Where ZigBee and Bluetooth are suitable forms of communication for some IoT applications, the Industrial Internet of Things will build distributed sensor networks on LPWAN technologies.

At Impulse we offer a range of LPWAN ready devices for deployment into your IIoT project.
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