Intelligent sensing devices for Industrial IoT big data applications

As wireless applications become an industrial preference, previous protocol to facilitate the delivery of IIoT projects was not suitable for wide area application. The Advantech WISE Wireless Sensory Nodes allow seamless communication over a low-power,  wide-area network for remote sites to provide accurate, visible data from your mission critical IIoT applications.

Secure data without the need for managed gateways

To meet the growing demands of IIoT, the low-power, wide area network (LPWAN) was devised to interconnect low-bandwidth, battery operated devices with low bit rates to be operated over long ranges. Utilising LPWAN technology, Advantech have launched a range of wireless sensor nodes to improve and enhance your Industrial IoT projects.

With built in battery sensors and with a low power consumption offering flexibility of deployment, the Advantech WISE Wireless Sensor Nodes (WSN) are fully equipped with data collection, wireless transmission and power supply features that help monitor devices and optimise environmental management in industrial applications like smart factories and data centres, and in large outdoor areas.

Additionally, to enable simple and cost-effective vertical Industrial IoT applications, Advantech’s WISE- WSN series offers efficient high- connectivity for diverse cloud-based platforms.

Advantech’s WISE IoT Wireless Sensor Nodes transfer data to the cloud without the need for a managed gateway. The WISE Series leverages Wi-Fi, Cellular and LPWAN technology to provide sensor-integrated, IP65- rated, and solar-rechargeable nodes.

Suitable for typically harsh environments, the Advantech WISE Wireless Sensor nodes (WSN) are equipped with IoT data acquisition, dependable processing and publishing capabilities and can be installed next to other devices without causing any interference. Operating over wide- area remote sites, and in addition to their diverse I/O capabilities the WISE 4000 Series Wireless Sensor Nodes provide data pre-scaling, data- logic and data logger functions. This data, which is delivered securely to the cloud via a wireless connection can be easily accessed via mobile devices giving complete visibility of your mission critical IIoT applications at any time and from any location.

Advantech WISE modules
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